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Payday 3 Open Beta Begins This Week, But There’s a Catch

Payday 3

Its a good day for Payday fans, as we recently just got confirmation Payday 3, the highly anticipated sequel to the co-op heist shooter, will be getting an open beta. The game is scheduled to release later this month, so this is as good a time as any to start an open beta.

Payday 2 was one of the most successful video games in its genre, and it came out all the way back in 2013. Since then, it has gotten numerous updates and multiple expansions to make it the game it is today. Fans have much to look forward to with this next instalment, as Payday 3 is sure to last a long time, maybe even as long as its predecessor.

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Payday 3 Open Beta Begins This Weekend

Payday 3 Open Beta Right Around the Corner
Payday 3 Open Beta is right around the corner.

We’re only a few days off from the open beta of Payday 3, which will run from September 8 to September 11. Previously, a Technical Closed Beta was held, and similar to that limited access period, the purpose of this beta is to test the servers and make sure they’re ready for the game’s full release. But unlike the technical beta, the open beta will not require preregistration, which only accommodated about five thousand players.

The beta will not require an access code, so you won’t have to apply beforehand to get a taste of the game. So if you’re still deciding whether or not to buy the game, you may as well check it out this weekend to help make up your mind.

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The Open Beta Content is Pretty Much the Same as the Closed Beta, And Its Based Off An Earlier Version

Payday 3 Open Beta is Based off of a Much Earlier Build of the Game
Payday 3 Open Beta is based off of a much earlier build of the game

What may come as a shock to players who tried out the technical beta is that the content available will pretty much be the same. Moreover, the beta is actually based off of an earlier build of the game from April 2023, and according to Starbreeze, it isn’t a final representation of the game.

If you’ve already checked out the closed beta, there’s not much to look forward to for you. But the good news is that the content offered is pretty well-rounded, so it may give more casual audiences that little nudge over to the preorder side of the spectrum.

According to Starbreeze, the open beta will allow you to play as iconic characters Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf. The infamous crew that has become a staple of the franchise will all be playable in Payday 3.

The No Rest for the Wicked bank heist will test your heist planning skills, as you can either go in guns blazing or go for a more tactical stealthy approach. All difficulty settings will be available. Level caps for Infamy Level and Weapon Progression are 22 and 8, respectively.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can do so via the Xbox Insider Hub app (if you’re on Xbox Series X/S) or via the game’s official Steam page (if you’re on PC). This is another big caveat of the open beta, since it will not be available to PlayStation users. And given the fact that the full version of the title is headed to gamer before the end of the month, Sony enthusiasts are just going to have to wait.

Will you be trying out the Payday 3 open beta? Who will you be playing as first? What do you think of the fact that PlayStation users will not get access to the open beta. Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Adil Farooq

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