Percy Jackson: 5 Mistakes From The Movie That Disney+ Will Set Right


Upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians series will be the next project for Disney Plus, and fans have been waiting too long for this much-needed reboot. Two years since the first rumors came out, the show finally gets the green light, and the series author Rick Riordan will be part of the team.

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The franchise had two movie adaptations back in 2010 and 2013. Although praised for its stunning visual effects and the outstanding performance of the original cast, it was not faithful to the source at all. Now that the Greek gods and demigods will be back on screen, there are a few things that the new production team should take note of:


Age Differences

Percy Jackson Cast

In the novel, Percy Jackson is twelve years old, and his best friends are of the same age range. In the movie, they are more likely teenagers. The cast also included Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson. Pretty much all of them look too mature for their characters’ real ages.


Now that the new cast for the three major leads has been announced, fans are now assured that they are in the right age bracket. Because of this, the characters will be more relatable and authentic.

Changing The Plot

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Sometimes, in live-action adaptations, changes in details and plots are inevitable. However, changing the very story of the novel seems like a huge move that clearly disregards the original material. The changes made in the Percy Jackson movies entirely altered the plot.

This only confused and angered fans which resulted in so many negative reviews that a third film was no longer possible. Now, fans are looking forward that the series will get the same treatment as the books.


Diversity In Casting

Alexandra Daddario Leah Jeffries

This has been the biggest concern since the announcement of the new cast. Annabeth Chase’s character is depicted as white, and this created a backlash against the casting of Leah Sava Jeffries. Not only her but other cast for minor characters also received criticisms.


Disney Plus has decided to be more open and welcoming toward everyone. This is a power move for others to follow and take notes from. Besides, it is about what the actress can bring to the table and how good she can carry Annabeth’s clever personality.

Excluding The Author

Rick Riordan Percy Jackson


Now that Rick Riordan will be involved in the overall creative direction of the show, fans will be relieved of their doubts. The author was pretty much absent in the first two movies and thus resulting in a chaotic ending. This decision gives fans hope that it will finally bring accuracy and authenticity to the show.

Rushed Character Introductions

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters


One of the irreversible mistakes that the movies did was haphazardly introducing characters with no solid backgrounds. Given the limited screen time, there must have been the pressure to condense everything in a two-hour film.

Now that fans are getting a whole series, there will be enough time to cover each character’s storyline. Fans will also witness seamless development through every episode.


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