“Even Phil Spencer admitted it”: Harrowing Stats Show Why Xbox is Relying On PlayStation, Not Xbox Game Pass to Keep Afloat

Xbox just cannot catch a break these days.

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  • Amidst multiple controversies and bad decisions, Xbox is now struggling with its plateaued Game Pass Subscriptions
  • On the other hand, recent data reveals that PlayStation is thriving, outperforming Xbox by every metric.
  • Due to Xbox's increasing reliance on PlayStation for profits, it's future as a platform is looking more and more uncertain.
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With Xbox going down the drain and its leadership making one bad decision after another, PlayStation and Sony are having the time of their lives. People are canceling their Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, the platform’s messiah, Phil Spencer, is being criticized and slammed just about everywhere, and Microsoft’s gaming division is essentially imploding as we speak.


Throughout all this, new data has emerged that describes what Xbox has been trying to do since its pandemic-fueled glory days, giving a stark contrast to Sony’s success with the PlayStation 5. Put simply, things have never looked as bad for gaming’s third runner.

Xbox May Just Be Relying on Playstation to Prevent Its Profit Line From Diving Down

At this point, nobody understands what Phil Spencer's plan was Xbox and Game Pass
At this point, nobody understands what Phil Spencer’s plan is for Xbox and Game Pass.

During the infancy of the current console generation, Xbox Series consoles, particularly the Series S, were in high demand as Sony struggled against PlayStation’s scalping issue. Not only that, but the Xbox Game Pass attracted many new subscribers during the pandemic.


Unfortunately, it has not yet cracked the code on how to prevent game pass subscriptions from slowing down, which is exactly what brings us to the organization’s current state. Studios getting thrown left and right, with no clear metric for what makes a game successful, and more recently, bringing its exclusive titles to PlayStation 5.

Recent data showcased by Twitter user @ZhugeEX also cements that PlayStation is now leading ahead of Xbox in sheer console sales with a ratio of 5:1.

What’s funny is that Xbox titles on PlayStation often outperform their original platform in-game performance, critic scores, and sales figures. For example, Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves show better results on PlayStation, and Call of Duty, the most popular game on PlayStation, is now sustaining Xbox reliably. Do you see how Xbox has turned into this parasitic organization, leeching off its competitors to prevent profits from going down?


It’s sad to see the gaming giant, once dominant, in complete disarray. When something like this happens, people begin to speculate wildly, and some are beginning to believe that Xbox’s worsening conditions are mainly attributed to its acquisitions and recent decisions.

People Speculate That Activision’s Poison May Be the Final Nail in Xbox’s Coffin.

Forget surpassing the PlayStation in sales; what Xbox currently needs to do is simply not die.
Forget surpassing the PlayStation in sales; what Xbox currently needs to do is simply not die.

Due to the size of Activision Blizzard and its zombified state before its acquisition by Microsoft, people have begun to wonder whether Xbox has been tainted by the bad practices the former is infamous for.

What was supposed to be Activision’s reckoning has perhaps backfired on the rest of Xbox. It does add up—the recent shuttering of its 4 studios, the excessive focus on “blockbuster titles,” closing out projects before they can even see the light of day, and so on.


Whatever may be going on at Microsoft’s gaming division at the moment is a mystery that, for the time being, will remain unsolved. But nobody can deny that people’s faith in Xbox has been shaken to the core, and the organization needs to get itself together to avoid what could be an unfortunate and untimely demise.

With that said, what are your thoughts on PlayStation’s sales data? Do you think Xbox still stands a chance in the current generation? Let us know in the comments below.


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