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PlayStation 5: Best Holiday Season PS5 Gift Ideas For New Owners

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This holiday season saw two of the greatest giants in the console gaming arena duke it out with their flagship products. Sony’s PlayStation 5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series X are at each other’s throats. Despite the Xbox having a lower price point, the PlayStation 5’s sales are through the roof. Most hard-core gamers are opting for the Sony PlayStation 5 because of the superior brand equity, better design, and of course – a better library of games to choose from. But what do you gift a PS5 owner? With the Holiday Season upon us, it becomes infinitely harder to select a gift.

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Fear not, FandomWire has you covered. The PS5 has helped usher in a new ear of gaming. With revolutionary storage and performance abilities, it is truly a force to be reckoned with. It comes in two models. The PS5 All-Digital does not possess a disc drive and runs only digital copies of games. The mainstream PS5 console has a disc drive. The differences end there. Both have 825 GB of SSD Storage. The two also possess the same processor and GPU speeds. Both support 4K as well. The PS5 console is also backwards compatible with the AAA PS4 games.

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The amount of gift ideas for a PS5 owner are considerably larger than that of an Xbox Series X, and with good reason. Here we list out the best and brightest options of the lot.

PS5 Media Remote

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The PlayStation console can also double up as a streaming device. It allows users to use their TV for watching movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and a host of other streaming services. If the PS5 owner is a movie buff, then gifting him or her a PS5 Media Remote sounds like a good option. The DualSense controller is notoriously ill-equipped for switching between streaming platforms. It switches off on its own to conserve battery if not used for a short period of time. The keys can also be accidentally bumped into, causing the screen to switch or pause the movie or series. The PS5 Media remote is a sensible gift option which could be a life-saver for many.

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PS5 HD Camera

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If a person likes to stream his gameplay on YouTube or Twitch, the PS5 HD Camera comes in very handy. Game Streaming is gaining heavy traction these days and lots of newcomers are joining in. The PS5 HD Camera allows you to show a blip of your face at the corner of the screen. People can see your reactions in real time while you are streaming your game play. This is an amazing accessory for PS5 owners with a penchant for live streaming their content.

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DualSense Next-Gen Wireless Controller

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Sony had announced way earlier that the PS4 DualShock controllers will not be compatible with the PS5. For the new console, you need to buy the PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller. Each PlayStation 5 comes with only one DualSense controller. But players who want to crash in with their pals and enjoy a good multiplayer or split screen backed co-operative campaign, then they would need another DualSense Controller to complete their setup. The DualSense Controller has haptic feedback and its triggers are adaptive. Sony claims that the controllers can replicate the feeling of pulling a bowstring. It can also act as a spare controller when the first controller’s battery dies after hours and hours of gaming.

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PlayStation Plus – 12 Month Membership

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Just like the Xbox Game Pass Subscription, the PlayStation Plus membership grants PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners access to dozens of PS exclusive games. PlayStation 5 owners will be able to gain access to a sizable library of acclaimed PlayStation games like God Of War, Bloodborne, and Uncharted 4. There are also third party games in the PlayStation Plus library like Persona 5, Monster Hunter World, and Resident Evil 7. The 12 Month membership is the most cost-effective option. Even if the PS5 owner does have a membership already, buying another 12 months would mean the membership gets stacked. The owner will have an additional 12months of PS Plus membership when his existing subscription plan ends.

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PlayStation VR

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The PlayStation VR or PSVR is a good option as a gift for PS5 owners who truly want a next-gen immersive gaming experience. Released back in the month of October 2016, it was Sony’s answer to the trend of Virtual Reality games catching on. The headset has a 1080p display and a 5.7 inch OLED Panel. The PS5 does not have any PS5 exclusive games to support VR content but there are several backwards compatible PS4 VR games that could do the trick. The PS5 also has 3D Audio and Unreal Engine 5, which support VR gaming.

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PlayStation Store Gift Card

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If you are still unsure on what gift to buy after going through this exhaustive list, the safest bet is a PlayStation Store Gift Card. Ranging up to $100, its a digital code sent via mail that can be redeemed to buy games, movies, and DLCs. You basically give the PS5 owner virtual money and let him or her decide what they want to buy for themselves.

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Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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