Sony PlayStation 5 Update Brings a Raft of New and Much-Needed Features

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PlayStation 5 received a new update that brings new changes that many asked for, and if you didn’t ask for it, you either don’t have the console or didn’t know what you needed to improve the experience even further.


Now the console is more accessible for any style of player and becomes adaptable to whatever needs may arise along the way. Support for powerful 8TB SSDs allows for considerable storage expansion to fit even more content and last but not least, support for a second controller that opens new doors for cooperative games.

Essential And Unprecedented Fixes Have Arrived For The PlayStation 5 In A New Improvement Made By Sony


A new update has arrived for all players’ PlayStation 5 and will allow them more freedom to play how they want. The most talked about change is the possibility of adding a second control as a form of assistance, but the storage capacity and some others features have not been left behind either and there are new features that we will discuss here.

The new feature in the controls now allows that, in addition to playing local coop, it is possible to control the same thing at the same time, serving as an aid to the main player, which can change some game scenarios of this type and cause new emotions (good or bad) for friends and couples around the world.

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Additionally, DualSense controllers and PSVR2 can now have haptic feedback effects activated for navigation through the console so that users with any level of visual or hearing impairment have additional feedback and can experience the experience without as much difficulty as it was before, and it’s good to know that Sony is looking for all fans.

Essential And Unprecedented Fixes Have Arrived For The PlayStation 5 In A New Improvement Made By Sony
Sony gives PlayStation 5 new accessibility features

Outside of the controls, the new update adds greater capacity support for SSDs that now reach up to 8 Terabytes, allowing you to load many more games and other content on your PlayStation 5. And continuing with the technical intricacies, the PS Remote Play will now be available for additional Android devices, allowing a PS5 or PS4 to stream to another device, and among those verified are the Chromecast with Google TV (4K model) and the Bravia XR A95L TV.

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Some other minor new details added to the operating system are new options for voice command that let, at least English speakers, activate help content or see the current month’s schedule of PS Plus games by saying “Hey PlayStation, help ” and “Hey PlayStation, what’s new?”, respectively. And finally it will also be possible to search for games in your library without having to scroll endlessly to find what you want.

Now, to really round off the additions made by Sony, emoji reactions, support for Dolby Atmos-enabled audio devices and other minor improvements to social features are also allowed on the PS App, which is also updated. If you want to check it out for yourself detail by detail what is already available for download across the globe, check out the PlayStation blog at our source link below.

What do you think about this update? Which change from Sony is your favorite? There’s more improvements to be done for the PlayStation 5? Let us know in the comments! 


Source: PlayStation Blog

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