Pokemon Voice Actor Rachael Lillis Battles Cancer as GoFundMe Set Up by Sister Smashes Initial Goal with Fan Support

Pokemon fans came through when their favorite voice actress from the show needed them the most.

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  • Pokemon voice actress, Rachael Lillis, has been diagnosed with cancer, and was in need of urgent care.
  • Her family and colleagues set up a GoFundMe page, hoping to take care of her bills.
  • The campaign has crossed the threshold and is a galloping success.
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Some people are inextricably linked with our childhoods. You might not even know their names, but you would absolutely notice their absence. Pokémon is one such series that is inseparable from our childhoods, and so are the voice actors of the show.


Rachael Lillis, an integral part of Pokemon’s English dub cast, is currently seriously unwell, and fans have taken it upon themselves to give back to this legendary artist.

Pokémon Voice Actress in Dire Need of Fans

Pokemon Misty
Misty in Pokemon | Bulbapedia

Rachael Lillis, a well-known Pokémon voice actress, has been battling cancer in a Los Angeles nursing home since late January 2024. It was revealed that the actress had been diagnosed with breast cancer, which eventually spread to her spine. In fact, the cancer has also negatively affected her ability to walk.


She has voiced some notable characters like Misty, Team Rocket’s Jessie, Jigglypuss, Vulpix, and others in Pokémon. Lillis has also worked in other anime like Your Lie in April, Gall Force, and Mobile Suit Gundam.

Despite being in a nursing facility, Lillis has barely had any rest due to the noise in the place. She is in dire need of personal care at home. However, that is also an extra costly affair for a cancer patient.

Thus, her co-star, Eric Stuart, tweeted about her condition. He plays the other half of the iconic Team Rocket duo, James.


Stuart’s endearing message served as a reminder for Pokémon fans that it’s time to give back to their favorite voice actress when she needs their help.

Rachael Lillis’ GoFundMe Initiative

Team Rocket
Stuat and Lillis play Team Rocket’s James and Jessie | Pokemon Bulbapedia

Lillis’ colleagues, who are also Pokémon voice actors Eric Stuart and Tara Jayne, posted a GoFundMe campaign for the actress’s recovery and bill payment. As you can expect, a nursing home in LA is nothing if not expensive, and the actress is in a serious condition.


The GoFundMe campaign reads a message from Rachael Lillis’ sister:

I’m trying to raise some funds for my sister, Rachael Lillis, who is currently in a nursing home facility in Los Angeles. She has been there since late January but needs either personal care at home for a time Or an Assisted Living facility, perhaps one where she can receive daily care and medication.

The campaign’s goal was $20,000, which has already been reached. The good news is that Lillis’ fans have given the campaign overwhelming support, and it has raised three times the required sum.

Pokemon Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff in Pokemon | Fandom

A recent update on the campaign showed a heartfelt thanks from Rachael’s loved ones.


Sincere, heartfelt thanks to so many that have given generously already! We are overwhelmed with your loving response for our sister, Rachael!

As of May 20, 2024, the campaign has raised $70,650, which is hopefully enough to treat Lillis and bring her home for the personal care she deserves. 1.9k people had made donations, ranging from $5 to $1500. If you want to show the actress support, donate as much as you can spare!

Some of the comments by donors thank Rachael Lillis for her work. Many wish her a speedy recovery and thank her for uniting families over anime. Almost all of them agree that Rachael’s voice was an extremely important part of their childhoods.

You can watch Pokémon on Crunchyroll.


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