Popular Celebs With Bizarre Phobias

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Some people suffer from claustrophobia, which prevents them from spending time in small, crowded settings such as elevators. Some people are terrified of heights, and vertigo is generally the cause. Even celebrities are not immune to fears. While most concerns are understandable, these celebrities’ phobias are completely out of the blue. Here’s a list of famous people with bizarre phobias:


1. Cluster of small holes:

Kendall Jenner Bizarre Phobias
Kendall Jenner has Trypophobia: The Fear of Closely Packed Holes

The famous Kardashian sister, Kendall is first on the list of people with bizarre phobias. Kendall revealed her strange phobia of clusters of little holes, which she refers to as trypophobia in her app. She went on to say that she won’t even look at anything with holes because it gives her the biggest anxiety. As a result, foods like pancakes, honeycomb, and lotus heads may cause Kendall to become agitated.

2. Butterflies:

Nicole Kidman Bizarre Phobias
Nicole Kidman has a phobia of butterflies

Nicole Kidman, one of our favorite Australian actors, has one of the most bizarre phobias: bugs. While this may seem normal, the actor is not afraid of all bugs, but only the gorgeous, harmless butterflies. Isn’t it strange, given that she grew up in the country of snakes and spiders? She used to “climb over the fence, crawl around to the side of the house, anything to avoid having to go through the front gate” to escape the butterflies when she was young.


3. Clowns

Johnny Depp Bizarre Phobias
Actor Johnny Depp and his phobia of clowns

For various films, Johnny Depp has worn a lot of makeup to radically change his appearance. However, the well-liked and shockingly attractive actor is terrified of clowns. Coulrophobia is the name given to this type of bizarre phobia. Clowns, according to the actor, are overly made up and give off the impression of evil hiding beneath.

4. Spoons

Liam Payne and his fear of spoons

Liam Payne, the former member of One Direction, has admitted to being frightened of spoons. He told the host of Capital FM that he is not fearful of holding spoons, but he is worried about eating with them, specifically if they are not his own. Liam went on to say that his dread of spoons stemmed from having to wash many spoons as a punishment in school. The most unexpected aspect of this fear is that it has a name: Koutaliaphobia.

5. Tennis Balls

Elliot Page and his fear of tennis balls

This is one of the strangest, most bizarre phobias on the list. We can’t think of any reasons why Elliot Page is afraid of tennis balls; in fact, even he doesn’t know! What he does know is that it’s a crippling fear that forces him to leave the room anytime tennis is on the television. He’s even brought tennis balls in as accessories when she’s been asked to portray terror in sequences.


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