The Game Awards Could Potentially Feature Death Stranding 2

Could we potentially see a teaser for the game at the 2023 Game Awards?


  • There hasn't been too much official news regarding the sequel.
  • Fans are excited that Hideo Kojima will reveal more at The Game Awards.
  • The Game Awards take place December 7th.
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Death Stranding 2 has been a much talked-about title ever since November of 2019, when beloved video game designer Hideo Kojima released Death Stranding, which became an incredible success for the creator.


It stars the very talented Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead, and fans have been eagerly awaiting news on its sequel. The first news of a sequel was announced last year at the 2022 Game Awards, and leaks have been unveiled; however, they have been slow and few. There is now hope for this year’s awards to finally see the long-awaited trailer.

What do we Know so far about the Illusive Death Stranding 2

Since 2019 fans have been asking for any details possible about a sequel.
Since 2019 fans have been asking for any details possible about a sequel.

Since the release of the first game in 2019, fans have been captivated by the innovative storytelling and breathtaking world design, probing Mr. Kojima as much as possible to get any hints at a second game they possibly could, and last year at the Game Awards 2022, they finally got a hint of what they wanted with the revelation of Death Stranding 2.


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People were expecting more news about Death Stranding 2 at this year’s Games Con, but even with the news that Hideo Kojima was working on a trailer, there was no news at the event at all, leaving fans anxiously waiting for anything, even a sniff at what may be coming from the legendary game designer. This year, however, with the news of the up-and-coming Metal Gear Solid Vol. 1 Remaster for next-gen consoles, fans may have to wait a little longer for any news, or so they thought.

What Could The Game Awards hold for Death Stranding 2

The Game Awards could have the answer fans have been waiting for.
The Game Awards could have the answer fans have been waiting for.

There has been no substantial news on the release of a second game other than the leaks by Kojima on X until October 9th, when the game designer published a post of the upcoming game awards in a somewhat cryptic manner, which excited fans eagerly awaiting news on Death Stranding 2, hoping that like last year, the Awards will be the platform of choice for the trailer. After such a long time waiting, you can see the post here:


So it appears that perhaps Hideo Kojima is finally ready to give the fans what they want and show the world how he intends to keep the storytelling going on his fantastic series sure to live long with the fans.

However, there is a chance that there is no intention of releasing any more information on Death Stranding 2; in fact, it could be something entirely different, but fans are choosing not to think about this outcome as they are all so excited to see what the future holds for their favorite franchise, and it appears that Norman Reedus is still up for the role as he appears in frequent posts on Kojima’s social media.


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For now, all fans can do is wait for more news on Death Stranding 2 until December 7th, when thousands and thousands will be tuning in to watch the 2023 game awards, hoping that the games that they love get the recognition they feel their favorite titles deserve. With plenty to look forward to, it’s sure to be a huge celebration of all things gaming with plenty of awards and announcements, and as many fans are hoping for the long-awaited update on Death Stranding 2.

So what are your thoughts? Are you hoping to see a new Death Stranding 2 update? What did you think of the first game? What games do you want to see walk away with the awards? Let us know in the comments.


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