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10 Power Rangers Facts We All Failed To Notice When We Were Kids

From kids to youngsters, everyone used to love the epic show. ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.’ Growing up, you must have watched these episodes so many times; you could answer any questions related to any power ranger or villain. But what about the small details which you must have left about the show!? Here are 10 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers facts we all failed to notice when we were kids.

1. Originally, The Cast Was Only Paid $600 Per Week

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a non-union show that means the Screen Actor Guild did not represent the screen. Therefore the producers didn’t give any fair salary to the actors. As a result, midway through season 2, black and yellow rangers left the show as they were disappointed with the pay.

2. The Black Ranger Had A Missing Finger.

You may never have noticed that The Black Ranger had a missing finger. But fortunately, it didn’t stop him from dancing and having fun.

3. The Original Pilot Episode Had A Different Yellow Ranger.

Yes, that’s true. In the original pilot episode, the part of the ‘Yellow Ranger’ was played by Audri Dubois’, but after the first episode got aired, she demanded more money. After Audri left the show, Trini entered the show and played the role of the yellow ranger we all know.

4. Zordon only appeared in MMPR for a scene

David Fielding, who played the role of Zordon, only appeared on screen for a scene. After that, he only did the voiceover part.

5. Why Did The Blue Ranger Quit The Show!?

In an interview with David Yost, who played the role of Blue Ranger, he revealed that everyone used to abuse him on sets because of his homosexuality. He was embarrassed and unfortunately had to leave the show.

6. The Combination Megazord Looked Phallic.

The combination of Tommy’s Megazord with Rangers Megazord left a piece sticking out that looked like a private part. It may be a case of poor placement, but it looked weird in a ’90s kids show.

7. The Rangers Were Too Old to be in a High School.

All the rangers were totally in their 20’s and looked old enough too. Still, they used to walk around high school and had their lockers, but on the other hand, they used to buy booze without any ID!?

8. Fighting Scenes From Japanese Version Were Included.

Most of the fighting scenes in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were from the original Japanese version of the show. Old Japanese footage was used in the fighting scenes.

9. Rita Repulsa could hear via her Telescope

Have you ever thought about how Rita could see and hear everything around the whole planet with her telescope!? It was very strange, but the kids were fascinated with it.

10. The Racial Indications Of Power Rangers Uniforms.

Coming to an end in the series of 10 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Facts We All Failed To Notice When We Were Kids. It is a promotion example of racial implication. As kids we never noticed that the black ranger was actually black, the yellow ranger is Asian, and the white ranger is white in reality.

Written by FandomWire Staff