“Prepare to be disappointed”: Fans Convinced James Gunn Will Fix One Controversial Mistake With Zack Snyder’s Superman Suit For Henry Cavill

Superman fans believe that James Gunn’s Superman should reprise his old look of a blue suit with red trunks.

"Prepare to be disappointed": Fans Convinced James Gunn Will Fix One Controversial Mistake With Zack Snyder's Superman Suit For Henry Cavill


  • A sketch by an artist on X hints at James Gunn’s Superman possibly going back to wearing red trunks again.
  • Zack Snyder had earlier made a radical change in Henry Cavill’s costume by making it a modernized all-blue attire.
  • Many DC fans felt that the red trunks epitomized the ethos of Superman and should be brought back for David Corenswet in Superman: Legacy.
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James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy will not be out till 2025 but is already garnering a lot of hype. Evidently, there are high expectations on the DC head to deliver especially after the criticisms following Henry Cavill’s departure. But Gunn looks like he’s up and ready to face the challenge. While the main cast of Superman: Legacy is in place, a lot of nitty-gritties are still to be decided and revealed.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

One significant aspect of DC’s most celebrated hero is his famous suit. While Superman has been epitomized by the blue suit with the red trunks, Zack Snyder took a departure from this look and completely eliminated the trunks to go with a slick modern all-blue suit. Now, fans are hoping to see James Gunn go back to the original costume following a new sketch by an artist online that predicts this move.

Will James Gunn Go Back To Superman’s Old Look?

In superhero franchises like Marvel or DC, the physical appearance of the characters also plays an important role in their legacy. Over the years, Superman has been recognized not just for his supreme powers, but also for his trademark costume of red trunks over a blue suit that was cinematically adapted from the comics.

Superman Sketch by @Jobhutz which hints at what James Gunn’s Superman could look like

From Christopher Reeve to Brandon Routh, the actors who played Superman embodied this iconic look in their films. When Henry Cavill was signed on by Zack Snyder for Man of Steel, the director made one radical change to the costume by completely eliminating the red trunks and going with a slick and modern all-blue suit.

While this was a significant departure from the traditional look, many fans appreciated the risk taken by Snyder to give the character a different appearance. Some ardent DC buffs though, believed that the red trunks which were a unique symbol of Superman, should not have been discarded.

Now, a talented artist on X has revealed a sketch featuring David Corenswet that he believes could be the direction that James Gunn may take with Superman’s costume in Superman: Legacy. This version brings back the famous red trunks in a way that will also appeal to modern audiences and the current aesthetic of Superman. The artist captioned his sketch with the words,


Took me two full days of work and a sleepless night to make this. My own design of what I think @corenswet #superman costume will look like in the movie. I personally think this may be my best work so far. Hope you like it!

It now remains to be seen if these instincts are right when Gunn and DC finally reveal the all-important Superman costume.

DC Fans Want The Traditional Superman Costume Back

Following a sketch that predicted what James Gunn’s Superman will look like, DC fans have stormed social media to express their opinions on the same. While a section of fans were appreciative of Zack Snyder’s alternative costume for Henry Cavill, a lot of netizens believed that Superman needed to go back to his traditional appearance.

Henry Cavill
Some DC fans prefer Superman’s traditional look over Zack Snyder’s Superman costume for Henry Cavill

Some viewers felt that this may not happen and Gunn would continue with Snyder’s modern look. But others were convinced that the red trunks would come back as this was the defining feature of Superman. Many others also gave their constructive criticisms about the costumes in the artwork.




All these opinions with regard to Superman’s distinctive look have raised expectations even further for James Gunn and Superman: Legacy. With a lot of time still to go and much information still to be revealed, the ball is well and truly in Gunn’s court.


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