Preserving Xbox 360 Games Is Still A Solution Phil Spencer Wants As Store Nears Closure in 2024

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Over the years, gaming is growing older and broader and as we gain more games, more technology to play those games on, we gain a better understanding of what makes a great game by today’s standards. This brings up issues like the Xbox 360 store closing down next year and how gamers will be losing access to numerous Xbox 360 games, but during an interview Phil Spencer explained how they are working towards finding a way to keep those games alive for people to enjoy.


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Why will gamers be losing access to specific Xbox 360 Games?

What a console it was.
What a console it was.

So far, when it comes to gaming, most developers are looking towards the future and trying to improve the future of gaming so that new generations can enjoy the brilliant quality of games that are now available. However, as the gaming industry evolves, we leave behind the games of the past which is unfortunately going to be the case once the Xbox 360 store closes down next year as there are over 200 Xbox 360 games that will be vanishing from the store once the service shuts down in 2024.


Due to this shutdown and the loss of these Xbox 360 games, developers made the decision to keep the store open for one more year to give players enough time to gain access to these games before they disappear forever. It has been a critical task set out by Phil Spencer to try and preserve these older games by any means necessary, to the point of even having a set team working on this task which he describes as a “world class” team which is always a good thing to hear.

The main reason they are looking to close down the Xbox 360 store is due to the hardware of the Xbox 360 rather than the service that is being provided. Apparently, there aren’t many gamers who still use the Xbox 360 store and taking advantage of these older games. This is what led to this decision as Phil Spencer has the belief that backwards compatibility and keeping these older Xbox 360 games alive is a crucial task that needs to be focused on during the next few years.

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Will these games be brought up to newer generation Xbox consoles?

Some classic Xbox 360 games.
Some classic Xbox 360 games.

Over the past few years, Phil Spencer and his team have been working on backward compatibility and trying to bring as many games as they can up to newer generation consoles. However, this isn’t an easy task as there are hundreds to thousands of games out there which hall all kinds of different requirements and systems that need to be fulfilled which unfortunately cannot be met anymore as technology has grown too far since those games which have left those game systems redundant.

Due to this, we most likely won’t see any of these games come up from the Xbox 360 store to the Xbox Series X/S, which is why gamers are being provided with this year to go back and look at these older Xbox 360 games and have the time to try them out and play them whilst they can. This isn’t to say that once the store closes these Xbox 360 games will be gone forever as any games that have been bought on the Xbox 360 store can always be redownloaded once the store closes and any games that require multiplayer will still have that service available to them.

What do you think about this sad news regarding the Xbox 360 store? Will you be going back and having a look at the different games that are currently available on the Xbox 360 store before it closes down? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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