10 Times Professor X Was More of a Villain Than Magneto


When talking about the X-Men, one of the first names that come to our mind are Professor X and Magneto. But there are times when Professor X went a little overboard.

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Fans of X-Men would agree that Professor X and Magneto mostly fall on the same path but opposite directions. Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr essentially aim for the same goal, although the former is known to be the “good guy” and the latter the “bad guy.” 


On one side, Magneto would like to see mutant domination over humans; Professor X would instead prefer humans and mutants to integrate to form a society that possesses equality. However, there have been times when Professor X proved that he was no better than Magneto. 

10. He Nearly Destroyed the World as A Weapon of Stryker

Professor X destroyed The World As A Weapon Of Stryker
Professor used his brain as a superpower.

One of the most consistent and significant problems of Professor X is his incredibly superpowered brain which makes him a powerful weapon. If he is manipulated or brainwashed by some evildoer, he will turn into a weapon of mass destruction in no time. In X2: X-Men United Stryker uses a brainwashed Charles Xavier just for such purposes. Magneto had to get involved in saving Xavier and bringing him back to life. Although Charles is a vulnerable being to be used this way, he would not do this on purpose.  

9.  He Repressed The Phoenix (& Triggered The Dark Phoenix)

Charles repressed The Phoenix
Jean Grey died in X2

When Jean Grey died in X2 and came back in X-Men: The Last Stand, Charles Xavier confessed to his fellow X-Men that he had observed an undeniably incredible power inside a young Jean Grey. He found that he needed to explain to her how she turned into the Dark Phoenix exactly. Petrified Charles suppressed this aspect of Jean. Eventually, when this aspect of Jean exploded out, she became the Dark Phoenix who was overpowered and out of control in utter madness. It was Charles’s mistake that caused this explosion, and Jean bore the repercussions as a result.  


8. He Almost Let People Get Away With Mutant Genocide

Comic books in 'Mutant Massacre'
Charles let people get away with mutant genocide.

Fans finally got to look at what Charles and Erik were like back then, before they were officially entitled as Professor X and Magneto, respectively. This event happened when the X-Men franchise decided to turn around time. Viewers perceived that Erik knows of the terrifying things people can do since he survived the Holocaust and had also been a victim of the concentration camps. 

Charles had tried to convince Erik to do nothing about the human missile launches on the mutants. There is a thin line between stopping people from killing the mutants and deliberately allowing them to do whatever they feel like to the mutants, including attacking them. 


7. He Stopped Helping Mutants After He Lost His Drive

X-Men: Days Of Future Past / The Dissolve
Charles Stopped Helping Mutants After He Lost His Drive.

Wolverine went to find a young Charles to seek his help in stopping the dark future that was yet to come. This event was when he went back to X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Logan found Charles who was unwilling to help. He claims that had stopped supporting them some time ago.  

Professor X was struggling with the serum that removed his mutant abilities, which restored his legs’ use. He was unwilling to keep teaching, recruiting mutants, or doing anything of that sort anymore. Hence, helping Logan break Magneto out of jail and stopping an uncertain future was something he would not even consider doing. 


6. He Almost Let The Dark Future From Days Of Future Past Happen

Mutant and proud – X-Men: Days of Future Past | Write into the Woods
Charles became a lethargic version of himself.

In the Days of Future Past, Charles’s most unfortunate downfall is how he has become a passive, oppressed version of himself who has forgotten what was dear to him at one point. He needed to be told of what was more valuable in life to him. 

It took him some time, although Erik was also partially involved, to convince him. Magneto turns on them as usual, but Charles lets it all happen.


5. En Sabah Nur Tried To Use Him To Enslave The Earth

En Sabah Nur | L@ven's Space
En Subah Nur manipulated Charles.

When an ancient and powerful En Sabah Nur showed up, Charles realized he could not handle someone dreadful as him alone. En Subah Nur wants to manipulate Charles and use him as a weapon to enslave the planet Earth, as everyone has done in the past. 

It takes Magneto, Storm, Cyclops, and several other X-Men to prevent the apocalypse if Charles got used as a weapon by En Subah Nur.


4. He Triggered Jean To The Brink In Every Timeline

X-Men Days of Future Past Teaser Trailer Young Charles Xavier | Turn The Right Corner
Jean’s explosion caused death because of Charles.

Charles was responsible for ushering the Dark Phoenix in the original X-Men timeline; he did that twice as if it was not enough. The movie Dark Phoenix saw Jean’s explosion portrayed differently when the X-Men timeline got reset. Jean’s explosion also caused Raven Darkholme’s death, also known as Mystique.


3. He Wiped Out Hundreds Of People & Killed Others

James McAvoy As Charles Xavier In X-Men Days Of Future Past free desktop backgrounds and wallpapers
He became the reason for wiping out 100s of people

Logan saw Charles after many years of other X-Men films. The audience was told about Charles and his seizures that hurt many people. His seizures caused telepathic waves due to his advanced dementia. 

These waves killed over 600 people and also his fellow X-Men. Magneto seemed to have vanished due to unknown reasons, or maybe he was one of the dead.


2. He Accidentally Hurt People As His Powers Grew Unstable

X-Men: Dark Phoenix's Professor X and Magneto revisit classic movie moment in reshoots
Xavier was Later Saved by Magneto

Logan and Caliban kept Charles isolated after he caused damages, although they did take care of him. Charles’s well-being deteriorated over time. Only Logan and his clone, Laura, are able to handle him and provide him medications. Soon after that, X-24 killed Charles- another clone of Logan. 

1. Charles Gave Up & Needed to Be Saved By Erik

X-Men: Dark Phoenix's Professor X and Magneto revisit classic movie moment in reshoots


The audience was shown Charle’s and Erik’s story by the end of X-Men Universe. The former retired as he was done with all the damage caused to him. He was tired of all the wars he fought for ages. 

Erik finds Charles in a Parisian Café and offers shelter, just like how Charles did once. Erik still hangs on to Charles even while he has lost all his will. 


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