If the Rumoured Specs are True, the PS5 Pro is the ‘biggest technical leap in a generation’ that Xbox Promised, yet Delivered by PlayStation

The PS5 Pro could be more powerful than the PS5 and Xbox Series X combined.

PS5 Pro


  • The PS5 Pro has apparently made its way to other developers and publishers.
  • Xbox has their own strategy to remain in the console race.
  • PlayStation is pioneering the way for a true next-gen experience.
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The PS5 Pro could be a powerful PlayStation powerhouse and a massive Xbox problem. In the past, companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have gladly re-released the similar products with minor changes that function like the original model. However, having a mid-range bump is a new move that was first seen in the last generation.


The PS3 and Xbox 360 had multiple variations in their lifetime, and some would say those consoles gradually got worse over time with each release. In many ways, the PS4 and Xbox One did the same, and then some.

The PS5 Pro was a moniker given by fans as they could already tell Sony was planning on replicating the success the last gen had with the release of the PS4 Pro and Slim. It has already been nearly 4 years since the launch of the PS5. And while it was a major leap from the PS4, recent reports suggest that the Pro model will be an even bigger jump, but not enough to be considered a next-gen machine like the PS6.


The PS5 Pro Might Just Be An Xbox Killer

PS5 Pro, PlayStation, Xbox
The PS5’s mid-cycle bump could give Sony the upper hand.

Colin Moriarty, a trusted insider, claims that third-party studios and publishers already have access to the machine to better optimize upcoming games and create new titles.

It would make sense for first-party studios like Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Santa Monica Studios, and everyone that is under the PlayStation Studios umbrella, to have in-house prototypes. It is suggested through spec sheets that the Pro may be a true 4K gaming machine, with targeted 120 FPS.

Taking it with a grain of salt, nothing is confirmed, but fans are optimistic that Sony has something up their sleeves.


On the other hand, Xbox has revealed that it is already working on their next-gen console and have exciting details to share regarding hardware, which may indicate the company will skip a mid-generation upgrade, as it did previously with the Xbox One X and One S.

Fans have also speculated that a 2025 release for the PS5 Pro could align perfectly with the release of the highly anticipated sequel: GTA VI.

Xbox is jumping farther than the PlayStation

PS5 Pro, PlayStation, Xbox
The PS5 and Xbox Series X were excellent successors, but they could be so much more.

Xbox is taking a different route, focused more on being a subscription and cloud-based platform that has a symbiotic relationship with PC. On the other side, PlayStation may be set to break the mold for a true generational leap with plans to go even higher than before.


While the prospect of possibly getting a new PlayStation is exciting, one could question how will it truly differ from the experience of the original model, at a time when the Slim variant has been released with little to no differences at all apart from storage and body mass.

The PS5 Pro could be a souped-up version of the PS5 Slim, with better load times and visuals, and perfect for those first-time buyers who want the best current-gen experience.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s possible strategy? Is the PS5 Pro going to change the way Sony and Xbox develop consoles? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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