Questionable & Controversial T.V. Character Arcs Directors Wish They Could Undo

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Some mistakes are permanent. Some of the TV shows are an example of that. Once aired it remains a questionable story forever. Here are some of them;


1.  The Simpsons: The part where the show’s writers decided to throw away the real Skinner and keep the imposter as they liked him better, which was pretty disrespectful to the original storyline.Why the Fake Seymour Skinner Episode Made Me Give Up on THE SIMPSONS - Nerdist

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: According to the creator, vampires shouldn’t be romantic, and Spike had a romantic interest which the audience took in a good way so that he couldn’t change it.Buffy & Willow Reunion! Sarah Michelle Gellar & Alyson Hannigan Are Almost Twinsies—See the Cute Photos! - E! Online | Buffy the vampire slayer, Buffy style, Vampire slayer

3.Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A character’s death is always a tricky job. Tara’s killing off one of the only gay couples at a time when the concept wasn’t so famous was regretted by the producer as it portrayed being against the idea.

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4. The O.C.: The end of Marissa Cooper’s character was a tough decision to make since it had a lot of factors in play; hence it was always conflicting.The OC's costume designer reveals Marissa Cooper wore FAKE Chanel bags on the show - Mirror Online

5. The O.C.: Schwartz also said he regrets how the Season 3 storyline between Johnny and Marissa was handled: Sadly, Johnny and Marissa’s romantic story ended when Johnny fell to his death, which made the show unsatisfactory.Does anyone know, what Marissa wrote in her letter to Johnny? What exactly? Not just that she cant be with him? - OC Answers - Fanpop

6. Money Heist:  Well, it turns out that series creator Alex Pina regrets killing off Berlin. Alex had to kill Berlin off from the show even though he made the play exciting but didn’t fit in with the theme anymore.Money Heist creator reveals why he was forced to kill Berlin on the show, doesn't agree with decision - Hindustan Times

7. Grey’s Anatomy: Shonda Rhimes kind of regrets killing a character, too — the minor character Dylan Young, who was the bomb defuser in the famous episode with the patient who had a bomb in his chest. The actor disagrees with his character’s death from the show.Dylan Young | Greys anatomy, Greys anatomy characters, Kyle

8. The 100: Killing Lexa was another such regrettable decision. Creator Jason Rothenberg regretted the decision to kill off Lexa, as it became controversial for giving in to the homophobic troupe of killing off gay characters.The 100 Boss Apologizes for How Lexa Died - E! Online

9. The Vampire Diaries: The love triangle between Elena and brothers Damon and Stefan was a real show-stealer. After Elena ended up with Damon, the writer wanted her to end up again with Stephan, which wasn’t possible.Vampire Diaries: Why Elena Chose Damon Over Stefan | Screen Rant

10. Gilmore Girls: Much like vampire diaries, the writer’s decision for Rory’s love story isn’t something she is too proud.15 Important Life Lessons Rory Gilmore Taught Us | Rory gilmore style, Rory gilmore, Gilmore girls

11. Degrassi-The Next Generation: Spinner and Emma getting married accidentally as a drunken mistake, it just didn’t have any context to it.I think these 2 are good together..But I prefer Jane and Spinner.. | Degrassi the next generation, Degrassi seasons, Degrassi

12. Degrassi-The Next Generation: There were certain controversies due to the anti-bi comments by Tristan’s character that went unaddressed. The writers agreed to develop a plot after many comments made by her character were under scrutiny.degrassi recaps | Whatever it takes…

13.  Friends: Friends creator wasn’t adequately aware of the correct terms that had to be used to describe Chandler’s transgender parent and wishes to use the appropriate terms for him.The Character of Chandler Bing – Our Movie Life

14. Friends: In an episode, Phoebe dates her sister’s stalker. Marta got disgusted by what happened in this plot and was embarrassed that she had made something like that.Friends: Why Phoebe Dating Ursula's Stalker Was So Controversial

15. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The creators hesitated to add DeVito to the show as they didn’t want it to be a big-name show. Instead, they wanted it to be where no-name actors made up the show.Future Is Bright for Danny DeVito and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - InsideHook


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