R-Rated MCU Heroes That Could Be Marvel’s Universe For Adult Audience


In the past decade, Marvel hasn’t beaten the ‘not mature enough content’ allegations. Their reason is mainly that their target audience starts from an early age. In a bid to make all the MCU characters kid-friendly, Marvel has also managed to annoy a lot of fans because it takes away the essence of some of those characters. And the target audience of a lot of comics is adults. Marvel’s first R-Rated movie was Deadpool and fans were finally overjoyed, and with Moon Knight now streaming on Disney+, we wonder if Marvel is finally taking that road. What are some other characters that deserve R-Rated Marvel movies?

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Ghost Rider

R-Rated MCU Heroes That Could Be Marvel's Future | FandomWire
A still from Ghost Rider

Being the Spirit of Vengeance, he’s literally surrounded by gore and deals with the more horrific corners of the Marvel Universe. He’s one of the most powerful demonic characters and also a part of the Midnight Sons. With the possibility of Midnight Sons being a part of MCU due to Oscar Issac’s Moon Knight, there’s a possibility of Ghost Rider entering the MCU. Also considering that Marvel has proved it would be will to introduce old characters from the Marvel Universe to MCU with Daredevil’s entry in No Way Home.


Even though there have been Ghost Rider movies starring Nicolas Cage previously, they were all still not true enough to the genre and left the fans disappointed as they failed to depict the Supernatural horror of the character well.


R-Rated MCU Heroes That Could Be Marvel's Future for Adult Audience | FandomWire
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If the upcoming Blade movie is not R-Rated then it won’t just be a waste of resources but also a really good character. Considering Blade, this half-vampire half-human Vampire Hunter is brutal and violent, just like his teammates from Midnight Sons, showing his and his enemies’ true nature would only be possible in an R-Rated movie. Marvel owes a lot to the Blade franchise since without it they probably never would have achieved any success in filmmaking, so it would only be fair if they do justice to this character in the new movie.


Nick Fury

R-Rated MCU Heroes Possible For Marvel's Adult Audience | FandomWire
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

We all know there’s a certain word that if Sammuel L. Jackson doesn’t say, we’d be extremely disappointed. Apart from that (which in itself is a valid reason for Nick Fury to get an R-Rated movie), the reasons are many. First of all, Nick Fury‘s character and Jackson’s acting both can pull it off extremely well because this genre is made for him and we all know a super spy’s life is cold and bloody.

There might be some huge differences in the comic and movie Nick Fury, but fans love his character in the MCU just as much and wouldn’t want anything other than a R-Rated solo project for him. It’s what he deserves too, to finally reveal the carefully hidden part of his character to the audience.



R-Rated MCU Heroes For Marvel's Future | FandomWire
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Since we’ve been told that Deadpool 3 would be R-Rated, there has been a possibility of Marvel entering the R-Rated world for a villain-centric movie. As a character, Sabretooth has appeared several times in Fox’s X-Men films, but his appeal to audiences never quite reached the level that it could as a character.

By having Sabretooth rated TV-MA, Marvel Studios could introduce Victor Creed with all of his flaws and damage by exploring his past and what made him what he became, thus creating a stronger appreciation for a character like Wolverine by demonstrating what mutants can become if someone like Professor X doesn’t intervene before it’s too late. 



R-Rated MCU Heroes That Marvel's Adult Audience Deserves | FandomWire
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While the Hulk has been in a lot of movies, his true nature has always been veiled by Marvel’s need to avoid ‘mature’ and gory content. Starring the Hulk in an R-Rated movie would be an ambitious move and provide a look into a side of the MCU that fans aren’t used to.

It would be really great to see an R-rated Hulk movie that dealt with the darker aspects of the green giant without flinching-the violence, the gory details that are always glossed over, the terror his rampages cause, and the lengths the heroes had to go to stop him.




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