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Midnight Sons Movie: 5 Potential Members Who Are Already In MCU (& 4 Who Could Join In Future)

Marvel is dropping some huge Midnight Sons hints. Many of the newly introduced or about to be introduced heroes are core Midnight Sons members. But there are several potential recruits.

Already In MCU – Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac


The Disney+ Day introduced us to the first ever glimpses of the talented Oscar Isaac in and as Moon Knight. Given his supernatural connection to the Egyptian Moon God, Marc Spector is a prime candidate for recruitment for the Midnight Sons. Moon Knight is the member of the latest incarnation of the team during Marvel’s Damnation crossover event. Doctor Strange and the Midnight Sons fight the forces of Mephisto in Las Vegas. Maybe a similar story could be adapted for the Midnight Sons movie?

Could Come In Future – Black Cat

Black Cat

Black Cat is Sony property. Their were talks of a Black Cat movie project but that mill has stopped churning as of now. If Morbius and the upcoming Kraven movie starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a hit, Sony could potentially make the stalled Black Cat movie. With Venom now in the MCU, it has already set enough precedent for other Sony Marvel projects to follow.

Already In MCU – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Since he is Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme and protects it from all paranormal threats, it is only natural Doctor Strange is a member of the team. After Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opens doorways to whole new threats for the planet, Strange must work with other magic based allies to aid him in his battle against the forces of darkness. In the comic books, he has even led the superhero team during the Damnation story arc.

Could Come In Future – Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

The Ghost Riders have been very instrumental in the formation of Midnight Sons. Both Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze have been members of the team in the comics. The team was started by Ghost Rider, who saw an apocalyptic vision of the world being destroyed by Lilith, the Mother of Demons, and her demonic children – the Lilin. Ghost Rider is already an established character in the movies. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD also has the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider. Looks like it is only a matter of time.

Already In MCU – The Punisher

Frank Castle

Both Jon Bernthal and Marvel Studios have been pretty elusive for a Punisher MCU series. But Charlie Cox’s daredevil, who is said to be coming to the MCU via Spider-Man: No Way Home, could pave the way for Bernthal. And technically, the Netflix Defenders-Verse did exist within the MCU and even the movies have referenced the Netflix heroes at times. The Punisher coming to the MCU could mean a major direction change for the course of the entire shared superhero universe, not just Midnight Sons.

Could Come In Future – Hannibal King

Blade: Trinity

The Deadpool and Korg collaboration video signaled the entry of Deadpool into the MCU. Ryan Reynolds has had a history within the superhero genre (and not a very good one before he landed Deadpool). In Blade: Trinity, he played Hannibal King, a major player in the supernatural arena in the comic books. Reynolds’ portrayal was one of the highlights of the film. Since the Multiverse is happening, an alternate reality version of Reynolds could easily play Hannibal King if Kevin Feige allows it.

Already In MCU – Werewolf By Night

Marvel’s Halloween Special

Marvel Studios recently announced that they are making a Halloween Special on the same lines as James Gunn’s Holiday Special. And they already have an actor – Gael García Bernal, who is known for movies like Coco and Old. Given the actor, we can assume that of the many Werewolf By Nights already in Marvel Comics, Gael García Bernal will be playing Jake Gomez. Jake Gomez became a werewolf due to a family curse and has since been a force for good after learning to control his emotions.

Could Come In Future – Morbius The Living Vampire


Sony’s Morbius movie is their next live action superhero project after the successful Venom franchise. Sony is trying hard to make their own shared superhero universe but progress has been very stunted. Spider-Man is coming back to Sony but there is still a long way to go. So maybe Sony would try to play to their strengths by making solo Morbius movies and allowing Marvel Studios to use the character in their own franchise. That way they could have their cake and eat it too. A Midnight Sons movie could then be a possibility.

Already In MCU – Blade

Mahershala Ali

Now that Mahershala Ali has confirmed to be the voice in the post credits scene of Eternals, Blade is about to grace the MCU very soon. In the comics, Blade’s knowledge of the supernatural has come in very handy for the Midnight Sons. The original Midnight Sons team even had the entirety of the Nightsalkers, which he was a part of. Maybe we could see the Nightstalkers in all their glory and the not crappy rendition of the team we got in Blade: Trinity. One of the core members of the team, Blade’s arrival has all but confirmed that MCU is moving towards a Midnight Sons project.