Ranking the Best GTA 5 Mods on its 10th Anniversary

As Grand Theft Auto 5 reaches its 10th anniversary, it makes sense for players to want to look back at the past ten years and see some of the best qualities of GTA 5. Over the years, there have been numerous mods created for GTA 5 that players have been using and enjoying, so in this article, there is a list of just some of the best GTA 5 mods that are up for grabs for players to use and enjoy.

10 GTA 5 Mods Available To Players

Ranking The Best GTA 5 Mods on Its 10th Anniversary
GTA 5 hits it’s 10th anniversary.

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10. Visual V

Firstly, we have one of the best mods for players to use if they feel GTA 5 needs a visual upgrade, and that is Visual V. This mod has been solely designed to give GTA 5 a complete graphical overhaul by altering features like improved time cycles, heat haze, better shadows on vehicles and characters, and so much more.

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9. Spider-Man Mod

Next, if you’re looking for some superhero fun, then there is a perfect mod for you that can be used to turn your player character into Spider-Man, as you will be able to web-swing and leap tall buildings dressed as the friendly neighborhood arachnid.

8. Dismemberment

For those who want to let out their inner Trevor, there is a perfect mod for you. This mod is known as Dismemberment, and it allows the player to shoot body parts off NPC with a shower of blood and gore as you create a bloody scene.

7. Mobile Radio

Some players will enjoy this next mod more than most, as the next mod is known as the mobile radio, which will allow players to carry on playing music as they roam around the streets of Los Santos rather than just having to use their car radio.

6. Half-Life 2

If you’re looking for some chaotic fun, then look no further for those who have played Half-Life 2. Then, you will recognise this next mod as within GTA 5; players can use a mod that will provide them with a gravity gun that allows them to launch cars at impeccable speeds to create chaos.

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Ranking The Best GTA 5 Mods on Its 10th Anniversary
GTA 5 has many mods that bring a lot of fun for players.

5. Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse

When players log into GTA 5, the last thing they are looking for is a survival game, but for those who think Los Santos would be a perfect setting for a survival game, then look no further than this mod known as Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse, which changes Los Santos into a zombie-riddled city and requires players to learn to survive, build bases, and make allies wherever they can to survive.

4. Space Mod

For anyone who enjoys space adventures but can’t afford Starfield, the good news is that there is a mod on GTA 5 that allows players to explore away from Los Santos into space, giving players the opportunity to explore eleven different planets and three moons, all with their own storyline.

3. Tsunami Mod

Do you think you can survive a tsunami? Well, good news: if you want to try your survival skills, there is a mod that floods Los Santos with a tsunami that slowly drowns the city, so if you want to view this mod from a distance, we recommend getting a plane or submarine.

2. The Psychokinetic Mod

If you’re looking for a little bit of superpower mania, look no further than the Psychokinetic mod, which gives players the ability to fling all sorts of items around with a significant amount of force, similar to the gravity gun, but the difference with this mod is that you look cooler when you do it.

1. Vice City

Finally, for anyone looking to go back in time, look no further than the Vice City mod, which will transform Los Santos into a Vice City-styled city, adding new missions, mapped roads, car generators, and working traffic lights, but for most players, it will all be about the nostalgia.

As a note, these aren’t the only mods that are available for GTA 5, and there are more mods available for players to enjoy.

What do you think about these mods for Grand Theft Auto 5? Are you looking forward to trying some of the mods in your own game? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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