Raya And The Last Dragon: The Characters Ranked By Intelligence

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Raya and the Last Dragon is one of Disney’s new game-changers. The protagonist, Raya, is the first-ever Disney princess to represent the Southeast Asian regions. Unlike most old Disney princesses, she follows the lead of the heroines who came before her and fought their own battles without expecting a prince to save the day.


In the world of Kumandra, regions have been divided into five tribes that compete against each other despite having a common enemy – the Druuns. These are monstrous forces that turn people into stone. To survive both, they have to be smart and calculating. Here’s a rank list of the characters based on their intelligence:


Boun Raya and the Last Dragon


To be fair, Boun is smarter than he looks. He was able to take care of himself after his entire family was turned into stones. At 10 years old, he already runs a restaurant business. But when it comes to fighting, he isn’t the most strategic.


Tong Raya and the Last Dragon

He is the last standing survivor of the Spine Land. He appears to be a giant brute but is really a softie inside. After his encounter with Raya and Sisu, he realized that he needs to help them to retrieve the other parts of the dragon gem. He does not contribute much to brainstorming, but they can count on him for extra physical force.


Chief Benja

He is the leader of the Heart tribe and Raya’s father. Chief Benja is a hopeful and idealistic person who believes that they can all be reunited again. His blinding hope turns out to be the flaw in his system after he was fooled and was led to his downfall. He’s a good fighter, though; he taught Raya everything she needs to know about the dragons and the gem.




She governs the Fang land and is the mother to Namaari. Her plans have kept their land safe from the Druuns, and she mostly works in the background. Virana was able to trick Chief Benja but it only caused more damage to their entire land.


Sisu Raya and the Last Dragon

The last surviving dragon proves to be a bit too trusting, but that can be attributed to her sleeping for 500 years. Things have changed since then, and so did the people. But because she managed to outlive all of her siblings, she’s definitely the smartest of them all.



Noi Raya and the Last Dragon

She may be small, but don’t underestimate her – she even managed to steal the gems from Raya. Noi is a pretty impressive baby who can survive on her own by just using her incredible wits. She’s a trickster, though, and she will take advantage of people by using her cuteness.




She is the strong and cunning princess of Fang land, and she proves to be smarter than Raya during the first part of the movie. She tricked her to get close to the dragon gem so they could take it. She’s good at tracking her enemy but Raya seems to always outsmart her.


Raya and the Last Dragon

She’s the one who saved Kumandra and reunited everyone. Raya is absolutely the smartest character because she does not trust right away (after she learned her lesson). She figured out how to defeat the Druuns and bring people back to life.


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