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Disney Princesses: 5 Most Contemptible Acts Committed

Disney Princesses 5 Most Contemptible Acts Committed

Disney princesses are known as good-natured and innocent beings made of pure love and kindness. They are often the victims of wrongdoings and unfair treatment. This is how they get the sympathy of the audience. But the truth is, Disney princesses are not perfect. They make mistakes, sometimes unforgivable ones.

These acts are deemed despicable but, like in most Disney movies, princesses get to redeem themselves. It is totally unfair because villains are also deserving of redemption. But without further ado, here are some of the worst acts that Disney princesses had ever committed:

Belle: Called Her Townspeople Poor

Belle Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast opens with Belle singing a joyful song about her village and the people in it. While she describes everyday life as mundane, and a bit repetitive, she also judged her neighborhood and called it a “poor provincial town”.

Belle may be educated and adored by her fellows, but that does not warrant her to criticize people living a small-town life. Certainly, she likes to dream big and do great things, but there is nothing wrong with having a simple and quiet life.

Mulan: Stole Her Father’s Armor & Joined The Army

Mulan disney princesses

Because she did not want her ill father to go to the war, Mulan decided to steal his armor and sword, and take his place in the army. With only her vague knowledge about fighting, she left town and disguised herself as a man.

Mulan has no idea what she has brought to herself. She risked her honor and name, not to mention, her family’s standing in society.

Ariel: Sold Her Voice In Exchange For Legs

Ariel The Little Mermaid disney princesses

People do anything for love, even if it means sacrificing a part of oneself, and for Ariel, she took this the literal way. Her passion for the prince left her no choice but to sell her angelic siren voice in exchange for a pair of limbs.

She wanted to become human so bad she traded her entire being and even risked her own home. It was a very selfish act and clearly not worthy of the audience’s sympathy.

Merida: Cursed Her Mother & Turned Her Into A Bear

Merida Brave disney princesses

All Merida wanted was to be a good fighter and live her life the way she wanted. But, being forced into marriage and becoming a princess pushed her to seek the help of a witch. She asked for a spell that could change her mother. She wanted Elinor to change her mind, but she ended up changing into a bear.

Although it wasn’t her intention, it was still a dangerous choice. Her father could have killed her mother, or she could have never returned to her human form.

Elsa: Froze Her Entire Kingdom

Frozen Elsa disney princesses

Elsa may have had a challenging time controlling her powers and accepting who she is but let us not forget that she froze her entire kingdom and ran away like she did not care. Not only that, but she froze her sister, too.

Despite the hardships these Disney princesses are facing, they should always make sure that their actions aren’t causing anyone harm.

Written by Ariane Cruz

I write feature articles for FandomWire, mostly focusing on Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Netflix, HBO, and Hollywood news.