“Real hard to top Iron Man in that universe”: Star Wars Actor John Boyega Called MCU Franchise a “Luxury Jail” Hinting He May Never Become a Marvel Superhero

John Boyega does not want to be a part of the MCU as he thinks that franchises like this are too limiting to actors.

"Real hard to top Iron Man in that universe": Star Wars Actor John Boyega Called MCU Franchise a "Luxury Jail" Hinting He May Never Become a Marvel Superhero


  • John Boyega has worked on multiple critically acclaimed movies including in Star Wars, one of the biggest franchises out there.
  • However, he does not seem impressed with bigger franchises and claimed that they can cause a lot of harm to actors, claiming it to be the reason why he does not want to join the MCU.
  • The actor claimed that he had no plans of joining Marvel also because he felt it was not possible to top Robert Downey Jr.'s legacy.
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John Boyega has a bit of a reputation for working on projects that end up receiving critical acclaim. The actor’s unique acting skills have previously been seen in projects like They Cloned Tyrone, Breaking, The Woman King, and Detroit. Though these are extremely well-known and respected projects, the actor entered the spotlight through his work in the Star Wars franchise, all of which started with the 2015 film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

John Boyega and Oscar Isaac in Rise of Skywalker
John Boyega and Oscar Isaac in Rise of Skywalker

Despite working on one of the most successful and well-known franchises of all time, Boyega’s opinion on multi-film series is extremely interesting. The actor spoke about franchises such as Marvel, DC, and even Star Wars, claiming that he wasn’t a big fan of working on such franchises.

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John Boyega Thinks Being In Big Franchises Is Not Good

John Boyega gave an interview with CinemaBlend, where he touched on his opinions on big franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Star Wars Franchise. He explained that he believes that when an actor takes up a role of importance or a character that is reoccurring in a franchise, they are setting themselves up for failure in the future. Boyega compared the situation to a gilded prison. Going into detail, he mentioned that while the actor gets immense exposure in the industry, it can also cause harm to their career.

John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars

“Being in a big franchise, it’s kind of like luxury jail sometimes for an actor when you want to do something else. Because remember, in a franchise you’re working on one character for many years, which can starve your other muscles. And in wanting to be in something where I knew that I’d play a different type of role, a different type of man,”

The actor explained that the issue was not the big franchises itself, but playing the same character for extended periods. This can be in the context of both, a franchise like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, or multi-film series, like John Wick. He believes that playing one character for a very long time can hurt an actor’s capability to play other roles. He claims that as the actor tends to end up perfecting only one aspect, stepping out of the franchise can prove to be a challenge.

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John Boyega Doesn’t Want To Be A Part Of The MCU

John Boyega was once even asked during an interview with Men’s Health if he would be interested in joining the MCU. While that may be a dream for some actors, Boyega refused. He explained that he is more interested in working on indie films rather than working on big franchises such as Marvel.

John Boyega
John Boyega

“That’s not in the vision for me now,” he said. “I want to do nuanced things. I want to donate my services to original indie films that come with new, fresh ideas, because I know it’s real hard to top Iron Man in that universe.”

He also added that if he were to join the MCU, it would also be very difficult for him to top the legacy left behind by Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man. Boyega concluded by claiming that he had no intention of being part of such a huge franchise.

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