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Reality Shattering Darkhold Spells We May See In Doctor Strange 2

The Darkhold is a book of dark magic. Often described as Marvel’s most dangerous magic book, it has an interesting origin story. It stemmed from scrolls that predate humanity itself! The spells and magic that fill its pages are linked to the Elder God called Chthon. It’s said that anyone who reads it will lose their mind or their soul. Phew!

Needless to say, the spells in this book are reality-shattering! We might get to see some of them in the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Until then, we have made a list of the most potent spells from the book. These give a glimpse of the destructive power of the Darkhold book of magic. No wonder this book is also referred to as the book of the dammed. Below are its darkest spells. What do you think of the infamous book and its spells? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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1. Spells to Summon Demons

Darkhold spells we may see in doctor strange 2
A Poster of Doctor Strange 2

The Elder God Chthon placed spells within the Darkhold book of magic to summon powerful mystical entities like demons. This book has a number of spells to summon bizarre monstrous creatures into existence. These include Hell-hounds from Mephisto’s domain, a new version of Demogorge, a mist that can dissolve human bodies, twisted genies who in an evil twist corrupt the wishes they grant that bring destruction and mayhem, and finally, the book also includes spells to summon the demon N’garai, an enemy of X-Men who invaded their dimension. Needless to say, this book can bring about a lot of chaos and destruction.

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2. Spells to Create Vampires

Darkhold spells we may see in doctor strange 2
The Scarlet Witch

In ancient times, a band of sorcerers used the Darkhold to conquer the entire world. For this, they created a spell that caused their dead enemies to rise again, intending to use them as their pawns. However, what they ended up creating were Vampires that quickly turned on their creators. The book also has spells to destroy such vampires. Darkhold truly is a source of great evil and misery. The users of this book themselves are not immune from its destruction, as this story shows.

3. Darkhold Spells to Open the Gate to other Dimensions

Darkhold spells we may see in doctor strange 2
A Poster of Doctor Strange 2

The story goes, that Carnage once went to an ancient temple in Indonesia. Guided by the book, he performed a blood sacrifice by killing his own servants and casting a spell as they died, causing a gate to open to another dimension. The temple and the surrounding area transformed into a region between our world and that of the Elder God Chthon, where the usual laws of physics do not exist. Such reality-shattering spells are what give this book its notoriety.

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4. A Whole Host of Other Darkhold Spells

spells we may see in doctor strange 2
The Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2

If these dark spells were not enough, the book contains much more evil magic. We provide a few examples: A spell that allows a werewolf to retain its human consciousness, an enchantment that increases the psychic ability of other mystic abilities, however, it does so by absorbing the mental energy of those around it.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releases on 6 May 2022.

Written by Angad Singh

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