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New Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Hints Wanda Kills Professor X

Marvel Studios has released a new trailer for Doctor Strange 2 in the Multiverse of Madness. A new Doctor Strange 2 trailer may have revealed more than it should have. Amongst the many new scenes shown in the new Doctor Strange 2 trailer, there’s a particular scene that caught our attention. A bloodied Wanda Maximoff is seen disposing off an Ultron bot’s head as she makes her way into the Illuminati base. Wanda is probably fishing for a fight considering she takes down an Ultron bot, the sentries of the Illuminati’s citadel.

Scarlet Witch Kills The Illuminati
Scarlet Witch Kills The Illuminati

This has got fans thinking. And the new Doctor Strange 2 trailer may have confirmed what fans had been suspecting all along. Wanda does more than just kill Ultron bots in the movie. She will most likely attack the Illuminati and kill everyone, including Professor X.

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Hints At Evil Wanda Maximoff

Evil Wanda
Evil Wanda

Fans had already been suspicious of Scarlet Witch’s intentions since WandaVision. The woman imprisoned an entire town just to relive a life she never had. And when she left, she did not have a hint of remorse for her actions. The Darkhold in her possessions would surely be adding fuel to the fire. It’s dark magic spells have easily corrupted even the people with the strongest of wills in the comics. In the Doctor Strange 2 trailer, we see Wanda’s Scarlet Witch costume become significantly darker than usual. That is some brilliant foreshadowing for things to come.

Scarlet Witch - The Darkhold
The Darkhold may have already corrupted Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff may be already passing onto the other side. She is clearly unhappy of her fate and would do anything to change it. An Evil Wanda theory is not entirely impossible. The new Doctor Strange 2 trailer shows it is becoming more and more a reality.

Why Wanda Will Start The Multiverse of Madness

Wanda Attacks Illuminati
Wanda Attacks Illuminati

Earlier, a confirmed Marvel leaker who goes by the name @MyTimeToShineHello tweeted that fans should not expect the Illuminati to stick around a lot in the film. Doctor Strange 2 will bring in the coveted group but only for a short while. The same source has also claimed the real villain of the film is Wanda Maximoff, not Nightmare or the Illuminati like fan theories have been going around.

Wanda in the Illuminati Base
Wanda in the Illuminati Base

If Wanda is the primary villain, it changes things. In a recent series of tweets, the leaker says Wanda will kill the Illuminati’s high table on her own after attacking their citadel. There will most likely be incredible CGI ladden fight sequences between the Illuminati members and the Scarlet Witch.

Illuminati - Doctor Strange 2
Illuminati – Doctor Strange 2

The Illuminati consists of powerful folks like Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, Iron Man (Tom Cruise), along with several other heavy hitters. They will put up a brave fight but the power of the Scarlet Witch would too much for them to handle.

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Teases Wanda vs. Professor X Scene

Wanda vs. Professor X
Wanda vs. Professor X

Now this is a scene you just cannot afford to miss. In the comic books, both Wanda and Charles Xavier are some of the most Godlike mutants to ever exist. The Scarlet Witch can warp reality at a moment’s notice. Professor X has absolute mastery over all psychic abilities. The two are literal Gods amongst men. A Wanda vs. Professor X fight scene would be absolutely legendary.

Marvel is Misleading Fans With Fake Scenes

Doctor Strange 2 - Scarlet Witch is evil
Doctor Strange 2 – Scarlet Witch is evil

We mean it is not like the first time they have done it. Marvel Studios uses the power of distraction and deception to the fullest to keep the audience guessing. They could easily hide the fact that Wanda is the main villain by cutting out or editing a few scenes from the Doctor Strange 2 trailer.

But the million dollar question is – why would Wanda even attack the Illuminati? What is her reasoning? And do her actions – of killing the Illuminati, trigger the colloquial Multiverse of Madness?

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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