Reasons a Ben Affleck Batman Movie Is a Darn Good Idea

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With The Batman blazing through the bof office in theaters worldwide, fans are now clamoring for a forgotten Batman actor to make his mark in his own standalone movie. Will a Ben Affleck Batman movie be a good idea? Or will the Ben affleck Batman movie sink the Snyderverse even further?

Batfleck Movie
Batfleck Movie

There’s no guarantee that the movie will be a hit. But if WB does give the get-go for Ben Affleck to star in a standalone Batman project, things just might get more interesting if you are a DC fan.

There’s More Story To Explore From BVS

BVS Robin Costume
BVS Robin Costume

Batman V Superman did have a lot of backstory that was set up for Ben Affleck’s Batman. Batman is shown as an ageing vigilante forced to resort to dark and violent methods to keep criminals in check. He has gone through a lot, and that being the reason why Batman breaks so many of his self-imposed rules in the movie.


The movie shows that Batman has already had a history with the Joker. Robin was murdered and Batman keeps his costume on display to remind himself to never go easy on evil. The Death in the Family vibe is there. A Ben Affleck Batman movie could explore a lot, opening up pages from Bruce’s past he never would have wanted us to see.

The Restore The SnyderVerse Campaign is Catching More Steam

The Batman Snyderverse Concept Art

After fan pressure made Warner Brothers bend over and submit, we finally got the Snydercut via HBO Max. Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a cosmic hit, showing how the Director’s cut was superior to the abominable Whedon-cut Fans are no longer staying silent. They have become greedy and now want another Snyderverse Justice League movie to see what happens next.

A Ben Affleck Batman movie would only be catering to an ever-growing audience that is demanding more and more from Warner Brothers. If given the get-go, a Ben Affleck Batman movie could rake in millions for the studio.


Ben Affleck Batman Movie Could Have Ben Affleck As Co-Director

Ben Affleck Batman Movie Director
Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck’s acting career has recently started to being overshadowed by his directorial masterpieces. If movies like Argo and The Town are of any implication, then we know the dude has a gift for working behind the camera.

Many do not know this but Ben affleck was actually going to direct BVS before the studio roped in Zack Snyder. Some DC fans are not happy with the way Snyder unanimously changes iconic story elements to fit the movie bill. Ben Affleck could be a guiding beacon for Snyder, stopping him when he tries to stray too off course. And since his writing and directorial skills are also top notch, a Ben affleck batman movie could really benefit with Affleck on the chair.

A Ben Affleck Batman Movie Could Focus More On The Action Element

Ben Affleck Batman movie warehouse
BVS Warehouse Scene

While we love the Matt Reeves version of The Batman, it was a bit lacking in one department. The fight scenes at times, did not feel to be at par with previous Batman movies’ action sequences. It’s good that we finally got a detective-noir themed Batman film. But the heart wants what it wants. Once you have seen that epic warehouse fight sequence, you can never go back.


A Ben Affleck Batman movie could give us more of that high octane, adrenaline packed action. Affleck’s bulky physique coupled with Snyder’s extreme talent for high quality action choreography is an absolute winner when it comes to pure, thrilling battle sequences. Batman is a detective but he is also one of DC’s greatest close combat fighters.

A Ben Affleck Batman Movie Could Give The Actor A Proper Send-Off

ben Affleck Batman Movie

No Batman actor got a more controversial spotlight than Ben Affleck did. There are scores of fans who love him but there are millions who hate Batfleck. The actor has been done enough disservice to by the studio already. He should at least be given a shot to end things on a high note.

Once a Ben Affleck Batman movie shows us what a standalone Batfleck movie would actually look like, fan sentiment will most likely change. The actor as well as the fan base could finally have some closure.



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