4 Reasons Why Constantine is DC’s Most Powerful Wizard (& 4 Reasons it is Doctor Fate)

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Magic exists in many forms and colors in the DC Universe. When we say ‘Magic’ and ‘DC’ together, the first superhero that comes to mind is John Constantine aka the Hell Blazer.  Some die-hard DC fans would know that the strongest magical superhero of DC is Doctor Fate. A comparison between the two is on order. Let’s see who wins this round of magical mayhem.


Doctor Fate – Lord of Order

fate lord of order


When you are granted possession over the mantle of the Lord of Order, you automatically become one of the strongest creatures of magic in the known universe. As the lord of Order, Fate has access to unimaginable reservoirs of magical energies. The Lord of Order and the Lord of Chaos are forever locked in a battle to outrun and outwit each other. Both forces fought the original battle between good and evil. The battle has since mutated into Chaos’ attempt to push the world into “Kali Yuga”, an ancient term that signifies an age where chaos wins over order. The Lord of Order’s job is to prevent that from happening.

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Constantine – Proficiency in Dark Occult Arts

constantine not just magic

Unlike Doctor Fate, John Constantine was not gifted power on a silver platter. He had to work hard for gaining power. In his formative years as a magic rookie, John Constantine has learned a lot about magic. His skills also cover the Dark Occult Arts and Spell-Casting that uses demonic energy. Generally, people tend to focus on only one kind of magic. Dark Magic is practiced by dark magicians and their devilish origins are why their use is forbidden and frowned upon. Despite being a mortal, Constantine does not just use Dark Occult Magic, he even does it better than some immortal beings. One time he used a Dark Occult Art to memory wipe an entire prison’s inmates, causing them to riot and frantically destroy the building because Constantine was out of cigarettes.


Doctor Fate – Faced and Beat Foes More Powerful Than Him

fate stronger enemies

Doctor Fate regularly fights foes much stronger than him. What is even more amazing is that he almost always wins. Mordu is an ancient entity and a Lord of Chaos. He has existed even before the Universe began and is said to be the one that witnesses its end. During a comic book arc called JSA: Prince of Darkness, Mordru switched bodies with Doctor Fate, stole Alan Scott’s source of power – the Star Heart, and joined forces with Eclipso and Obsidian. Fate still managed to find a way to defeat him.


Constantine – Tainted Blood

constantine outwits

Constantine has done some pretty terrible deals when he was young and still learning as a mage. One of those times was when he made a deal with a Demon Lord and in turn had his body tainted with demonic energy. His entire body was cursed and his blood was tainted. Another time, he had a blood transfusion with a Demon named Nergal. There was one other time he had sex with a Succubus, which further tainted his blood. This tainted blood may have cursed him but it also gives him some powerful abilities. Constantine cannot be turned into a vampire. He is also immune to most forms of angelic magic. The demonic blood also gives him a powerful healing factor.


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Doctor Fate – Faced the Spectre (And Lived)

fate spectre


If you are a fan of DC Comics, you will know the name Spectre. The Spectre is the instrument of Gods’ Vengeance and Divine Wrath on the Universe. It is the most powerful entity that ever was, is or will exist. The Spectre takes control of a host and uses him or her as its vessel. Its most famous host is Jim Corrigan. One time Doctor Fate and the Spectre traded fists in battle. Nabu took control of Doctor Fate’s body and fought the divine spirit. Nabu knew he was fated to die if he locked heads with the Spectre. Surprisingly, even though barely, he survived.

Constantine – Does not just rely on Magic

constantine tainted blood


When you have lived and battled monsters for as long as you can remember, just having spells under your belt will not do. You have to have multiple talents to aid you in a fight. Constantine has learned the art of close quarter combat. He is a proficient hand to hand fighter. Another skill he has is that he has learned escapology from one of the greatest in the field – Mister Miracle. Other skills he possesses include sleights of the hand and the ability to manipulate people. Constantine is a master at psychological warfare and manipulation. None of those skills are possessed by Doctor Fate.

Doctor Fate – Magic Enhanced Telepathy

fate telepathy


It may not look and sound like much at first glance. Having the power to communicate with others over vast distances via telepathy is a great auxiliary power. And Doctor Fate is one of the world’s foremost experts on it. Doctor Fate uses magic to amplify his psychic powers and abilities. His telepathy is known to transcend entire dimensions. There was once an instance where Fate established a telepathic link with superheroes from another universe. The power to pierce the multi verse’s membrane and meddle in the matters of another universe, sending and receiving messages, is not something any other telepath in the DC Universe possesses. The only other telepath more powerful than Doctor Fate is probably Martian Manhunter.

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Constantine – Brains over Brawns

constantine dark occult magic

Constantine’s true power is not in his magic or his thick British accent. It is in his ability to outwit beings that are far more knowledgeable than him and have the last laugh. He is known to work well under pressure. Constantine is a gifted strategist and tactician, able to analyse his enemies’ weaknesses and use his and his team’s strength’s to come up with the best possible strategy in a split-second. There’s a reason why even Batman trusts Constantine enough to make him the leader of his team when the Dark Knight is not around. This guy tricked the Devil into drinking Holy Water, and then beat the living daylights out of him with a glass bottle. You do not mess with John Constantine. The guy is a shrewd manipulative bastard. And we love him for it.


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