Red Dead Redemption Remake won’t Include a Big Feature

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In 2013 Rockstar released one of the only games that could possibly contend with their own Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption. Changing the setting from copy cat urban crime ridden cities to a desolate old west desert with a few measly towns.  Red Dead Redemption took place at the end of the cowboy era and had you take control of John Marston tasked with tracking down his old gang buddies.


Without any true morality system Rockstar allowed you to make your own interpretation in terms of what is right and wrong, as long as you were okay with being chased by a few bounty hunters you could point your gun any which way you wanted.

It was a huge step up from Gun

In 2018 Rockstar took their amazing Red Dead Redemption game and improved, expanded and varied almost every aspect of it to release Red Dead Redemption II.  The internet to this day is still a little obsessed with the enormity of this game and it’s unique experience.  Honestly is there another game that allows you to grow facial hair over time?


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It is thus not too surprising that the mere suggestion of a possible remake or remaster of the original Red Dead Redemption would create a massive amount of hypothetical hype frenzy.  Multiple articles and leaks have all but confirmed that such a remake/remaster exists and will come out soon.  Rockstar themselves have even put out a suggestive tease to make gamers desperate for an official announcement.  Naturally at this point having an updated Red Dead Redemption not be announced before the end of the year would be a great disappointment/upset for many gamers with Marston nostalgia.

Red Dead Redemption Remake Details Leak

One of the best zombie games!

A recent leak seems to indicate that when the remake/remaster does release it will be without one feature that was in the original game.  Don’t worry Red Dead Redemption fans, I am not referring to the much beloved Undead Nightmare.  In fact the outstanding zombie mayhem dlc side game is said to be included with the remake/remaster.  The feature it likely will be missing is the multiplayer.


Arguably better than the current Red Dead Redemption II‘s Red Dead Online.  The original’s multiplayer offered a very simple but enjoyable amount of variations of firing your guns at each other to earn western supremacy.  Only sporting one annoying achievement (to my knowledge) where you had to find and gain one of those annoying tags spread by the developers like catching a rare virus.

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It’s a small loss to accept in the perspective of a shinier version of a favourite game, giving us all the excuse to play and enjoy it again.  So I am personally with all of you who are doing your best to remain patient for Rockstar’s official announcement confirm the existence of Red Dead Redemption 2023 (likely a remaster).


What do you make of this? Are you still picking it up? Let us know in the comments!

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