‘Red Guardian served as a palate cleanser’: Thunderbolts Star David Harbour Calls MCU Role as His Redemption for Hellboy Debacle

David Harbour Calls MCU Role as His Redemption for Hellboy Debacle
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David Harbour has become somewhat of an internet sensation at this point in time. coming into the spotlight after the release of Netflix’s blockbuster series Stranger Things, he has been on a steady climb to the top of the film industry. With his most recent sighting in 2020’s Black Widow as the Red Guardian, he became part of one the most successful films in the Covid-19 era, and now, we have confirmation that we will see the Red Guardian once again in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. This means that his adventure to the top has just started.

Stranger Things Season 4 David Harbour
David Harbour in Stranger Things Season 4

But what most might not know is the fact that the role of the Red Guardian has more meaning to Harbour than just another superhit in his resume.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the star revealed that the role of the superhero in the MCU was also a medium for him to cleanse his conscience and his palate from his past failures, which happens to be 2019’s Hellboy reboot.


Red Guardian Helped David Harbour Clean His Palate

David Harbour first broke into the scene with Netflix’s Stranger Things, which became one of the biggest hits of the decade as almost all of those who watched the series fell in love with it instantly. This set a path for the star, which was lined with expectations of grandeur and success by his fans. But his first major solo outing in the film industry ended up a bust. 2019’s Hellboy reboot tanked at the Box Office with a measly 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and became the first major failure to Harbour rather than the opposite as was thought earlier.

hellboy - david harbour
David Harbour as Hellboy

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But just a year later, during the harshest phase of the Covid-19 Pandemic, came Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, which unsurprisingly became one of the most successful films of that year being released on the Disney+ OTT platform. It was here that we saw Harbour donning the red suit of the Red Guardian, who was the contemporary Russian version of Captain America. With this role leading to success, Harbour finally felt that he had his palate cleansed from his past failure. During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, he said:


“Yeah, absolutely [Red Guardian served as a palate cleanser]. I mean, I don’t know that your palate is ever really cleansed. Life is a series of failures and successes, both of which stay with you, but the failures, mainly, lodge themselves deep into your core and remain there forever. So [he] cleansed as much of my palate as possible.”

With this assurance in his heart, he has decided to take all the necessary information that he can and add it to his wisdom from his past failure, and become better with the Red Guardian in the upcoming Thunderbolts.

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What To Expect From Thunderbolts?

“We’re also going to drop a bomb”: Stranger Things Star David Harbour Reveals Thunderbolts Will Be a Game Changer For the MCU as Black Panther 2 Sets Up Storyline For Upcoming Movie
David Harbour in the upcoming Thunderbolts

We will finally be witnessing the return of the Red Guardian in the upcoming Thunderbolts film alongside Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova and a couple of other familiar faces. The core reason for this crew will be to become the next guardians of the planet after the end of the Avengers team, but with a twist. And this team will be led by none other than Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, hence the name. We wish David Harbour the best of luck in his future adventures in the MCU.


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Thunderbolts, in cinemas on 26th July 2024

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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