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Red Notice: Lazy Scenes That Needed Some Extra Work

Red Notice Lazy Scenes That Needed Some Extra Work

Red Notice is the latest blockbuster on Netflix that is scoring off the charts. The reason is movie’s star cast. A-listers Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson are trotting around the globe searching for a hidden treasure. Meanwhile, they are constantly bickering while trying to outmaneuver and outsmart each other. It feels like a formula film that has a set pattern. The film has a constant bantering between the three main characters. But it is a well-executed movie.

Red Notice: Easy But Maybe Not!

 Red Notice

The movie has an easy and breezy air to it. But it was not an easy movie to make. The filming was entirely at a standstill due to the pandemic. “Red Notice” also needed to be tweaked in the editing room. This is because some of the initial screenings did not go off very well. In his interview with Ben Pearson (@slashfilm), producer Hiram Garcia said some scenes needed extra attention to get the tone just right. In addition, they include spoilers for the movie, which can now be revealed.

Juggling the Big Reveal in  Red Notice

Red Notice

One of the things that needed to be juggled around was Ryan’s role in the whole movie. Ryan is a loner who double-crosses people and is a slippery character. Also, you start to love the relationship between Hartley and Booth. And then came the twist in the plot. That twist had to be carefully manipulated. It had to be done so that the audience didn’t start feeling bad for Ryan. He is, after all, the bad guy. The aim was to have the audience enjoy the turn without feeling bad for Ryan because he’s being conned. Ryan had fooled people through the movie and put DJ in danger many times. It was a lot of fun balancing and juggling these two aspects.

Still Standing After A Punch From DJ?

 Red Notice

Macho stars like Dwayne Johnson have some requirements for action scenes to come across as macho solid characters. The same is true for this movie also. Another thing to manipulate was the fight scenes. In the prison scene, Ryan is trying to rile up DJ to fight by saying that he was a cop. Finding someone larger than DJ was a problem. There was a great stunt person who was large but not large enough!

So in the sequence, DJ threw a punch at this guy who took it standing! And then, all of a sudden, he turned around and knocked DJ down with a spin kick. “Nobody takes a punch from the DJ and keeps standing” was the audience reaction during the screenings. As a result, the punch was cut. It worked out better for the con that was happening at that time. The stunt person beat up DJ; the audience finds out why DJ took the punch later in the story. The mysterious plot is unraveled later in the story.
These are the things that come to light during a test screening. You never anticipate a problem till someone points it out. And then it’s like, “Yep we gotta fix it!”

A Huge Relief:

Red Notice

It was a relief that Johnson agreed to get beaten up by the prison guard. However, the audience may not realize the relevance of that moment as being a part of the larger plan. On-screen, it looks like Johnson lost the fight. So it comes as a surprise when that happens.
We don’t expect Johnson to lose many fights in Black Adam’s role, as he plays a super-powerful title role in an upcoming DC movie.
Red Notice is now showing on Netflix.


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