Relatives Of 15 Celebs Share What They’re Like Behind Closed Doors At Family Reunions

Reddit user u/joeygreco1985 asked other users on Reddit, “People who are related to celebs, how has their fame affected family gatherings and events?” Those who were related to celebrities and A-listers came together to share their memoirs of various family reunions that were attended by famous celebs.

Take a look at some of the best accounts of celebs and their time at family reunions:

1. HaroldTheDuck‘s uncle is Hugh Laurie and at family events, it’s hard to tell that he’s a famous man. It’s only when you go out with him on lunch that you realize.

2. thesaucyboss29‘s uncle was one of Bill Gate’s first employees that he hired to start Microsoft. Today he’s filthy rich but spends his time being super generous with his money and supports the protection of national parks and a sustainable environment.

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3. Matt McConaughey is drycheck‘s 2nd cousin. He tells that McConaghey acts normal with them and always brings the best booze to the parties.

4. VancouverMongrel‘s sister is best friends with Ryan Reynold’s niece. She traveled to their wedding with Blake Lively and Ryan often visiting their school.

5. spacemanspiff30‘s wife is childhood friends with Viggo Mortensen’s family. She got to hang out with Vigo after he completed shooting Lord of the Rings but before it was released.

6. KickWhamStunner says that he is related to Dwayne The Rock Johnson and is regularly smelling what he’s cooking.

7. RonJohnsSurfShop‘s uncle is RoboCop. He tells that Peter Weller is super fun and often takes his family out on dinners where he tells cool stories about his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrities that he has met.

8. EvilAbed57‘s family was close to Willem Dafoe and his family. Their friendship however backfired when EvilAbed57‘s family relatives started pestering them for a meet and greet with Willem.

9. chrisphan1308‘s friend’s uncle is Will Smith. He tells that Will isn’t in touch with much of his family as they are always asking him for money.

10. TKizzl is cousins with Zac Effron. He tells that Zac visited their grandparents recently in LA and was so busy he could only barely spend an hour with them.

11. Msarkari‘s ex-boss is Rachel McAdam’s cousin. She told her that their grandma always compared the two growing up. “Well Rachel is a really good figure skater, why aren’t you?”

13. The cat that remembersarah18‘s sister-in-law has is related to the cat from Austin Powers. They were born in the same litter.

14. KnuckleCurve01‘s aunt is Lucy Lawless. She tells that her aunt is very humble at family reunions and they often get stopped in New Orleans by people who recognize her.

15. jack_hughez is closely related to J.K Rowling and tells that their family reunions are always pretty chill. People either whisper about her from afar or they go up and have conversations with her.

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