“We need the release date”: Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero’s Latest Announcement Couldn’t Have Gone Much Worse

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero fans are eagerly awaiting the release date amid character reveals.

“We need the release date”: Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero’s Latest Announcement Couldn’t Have Gone Much Worse


  • Despite regular updates and character reveals for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, fans are growing increasingly frustrated due to the lack of a release date.
  • The game boasts an extensive roster, including popular characters like Goku and Vegeta alongside lesser-known ones like Dyspo and Toppo.
  • Fans are clamoring for a release date, expressing their impatience and hoping that the next trailer might provide the much-awaited information.
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The gaming world right now is hyped up with the upcoming anime game Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero. Since its announcement at the Game Awards 2023, the anticipation for the release date is rising day by day. However, there are regular updates and announcements from the developing company about the game, but, sad to say, there is no release date.


Recently, the official X handle of the company revealed some of the characters that will feature in the game. But fans might not have taken this update in a good way. The comment section is flooded with pleas for a release date.

Character Roster in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero

Broly is going to be the newest addition to the Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero roster.
Broly is going to be the newest addition to the Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero roster.

With the recent X post from the company, we have learned that the Full Power Super Saiyan form of the famous Dragon Ball character, Broly, will be in the game. He is considered to be one of the strongest fighters in the Dragon Ball Super universe. So, his addition to the roster is surely going to level up the excitement.


Along with Broly, the roster is going to feature an array of Dragon Ball characters. From fan favorites Goku and Vegeta to other characters like Dyspo, Toppo, Kakunsa, and many more.

In the recent gameplay trailer, new characters were revealed, which increased the roster size. With this diverse range of roster and unique character abilities, this game is looking quite fun.


Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Fans Want Only One Thing

Fans can't wait anymore to play their favorite characters in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.
Fans can’t wait anymore to play as their favorite characters in Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.

Despite this exciting news of Broly’s addition, along with other regular updates, fans are absolutely dissatisfied.

Because all they want is a release date. Let’s hear from the fans:

This fan is straightaway demanding a release date.


Another fan is not thinking about Broly that much because he has other ideas in his mind.


Now this fan might have figured out the release date, as according to him, this gaming is coming this year.

This fan is rooting for the next trailer, as it might give us the release date of the game.


Gamers across the world are right now highly anticipating Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero. All that is now needed is the release date. Now, it’s up to the development company, Spike Chunsoft, to pay heed to the pleadings of its millions of fans.

The game is officially coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam.


Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments!


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