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Remakes That Are Better Than The Original Movies

In the past six years, it’s been popular to scoff and throw tantrums from the comfort of our homes about remakes. Specifically speaking movie remakes. Oh, I, Buzzkill feels terrible for the poor remakes out there. Constantly receiving relentless virtual butt-whoopings online. It’s not easy to out here for a remake to gain some hugs and love from the people. Guess what! We’re all here in an attempt to sway such unwarranted feelings towards remakes and bring open-minded energy or just leave this article with disagreement while still holding unbridled hatred for remakes. Meh, let’s take our chances on this one. Understand that technically speaking; “remakes” have existed for centuries. No kidding, they really have. Almost every story is a remake of another. Some of your favorite TV shows and movies could be remakes. You just never knew it. Here are some Remakes That Are Better Than The Original Movies.


Man of Steel (2013) > Superman (1978)
Superman Remake

Let us all take in a deep breath, my fellow geek brethren and sisters. See, that’s better, and don’t forget to drop your pitchforks at the door. Perfect. Okay, Superman will always be a classic superhero movie that belongs on Mount Rushmore in comic book movies due to its legacy and a sprinkle of nostalgia for added flavor. Man of Steel is superior though with its better character study of The Last Son Krypton, on its direction of how the world would actually perceive a being like Superman and a better fleshed-out villain in Michael Shannon’s General Zod.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) > Spider-Man (2002)
Spider Movies Remake

It is what it is. The Amazing Spider-Man has Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man number by a landslide. There should be little to no pushback on this choice unless this said that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was better than Spider-Man 2. In that case, let the riots begin! In all seriousness, director Mark Webb gave Spider-Man fans a real treat with the first movie. The better romantic chemistry between two actors then captured Spider-Man’s web-swinging the best, real consequences, far better effects, a funny smart-mouth Spider-Man, and cooler fight scenes. This is debatable, but the better costume and Spider-Man.

Scarface 1983 > Scarface 1932
Scarface movie remake

Al Pacino as the Cuban power-hungry sociopath, drug trafficker, murderer, Tony Montana in Scarface (1983) is the epitome of 80s crime films. It has everything we want in an outrageous gangster story. With the occasional over-the-top performances, iconic score, star-studded cast, quotable lines, plenty of violence, revenge, and a whole lot of charisma in this movie.

The Wicker Man (2006) > The Wicker Man (1973)
the wicker man movies remake

The original is not a bad movie whatsoever. On the contrary, it’s technically a better movie when it comes to acting and screenplay. Yet, we are given tons of unintentional hilarity. This comes in the forms of an unhinged Nicholas Cage, so bad that it’s funny acting, a man-bear that knocks out a woman, bees, and more bees!

The Thing (1982) >The Thing from Another World (1951)
The Thing movies remake

John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) is a national treasure within the horror community. Featuring incredible practical effects by the great Rob Bottin. The Thing is a must-watch if you are looking to be terrified, to be on the edge of your seats, superb directing, and have the audience rooting for the main characters to survive.

Written by Barry Buzzkill

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