“They Didn’t Deserve This”: Remedy Shows Sympathy to Insomniac After Huge Leak

In a heartfelt tweet, Remedy shows its deepest sympathies.

Remedy Shows Sympathy to Insomniac After Huge Leak


  • Remedy writes about how unfair all of it is to developers at Insomniac.
  • More than 1.6 TB worth of files have been leaked.
  • The files include sensitive information about employees and future projects.
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Not too long ago, a lot of information from within Insomniac Games was leaked online, with over 1.6 TB in file size, showcasing a lot of details. This was done by a ransomware group called Ryhsida in an attempt to make money out of the whole deal.

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In response, Remedy Entertainment has shown its sympathies and concern for everything that has happened. At the time of writing, multiple newfound leaks are coming out, suggesting crucial information.


Remedy Acknowledges That Massive Leak and Shows Its Sympathy for Insomniac Games

The massive leaks showcase a lot of crucial details.
The massive leaks showcase a lot of crucial details.

In a recent tweet, Remedy expressed its disappointment regarding what just happened. The makers of Control expressed how shameful it is to have a leak reveal so many details.

The support being shown by Remedy is likely to be followed by a lot of studios and developers around the world because what has happened isn’t a small tease or minor reveal regarding a game’s information. This is a full-fledged leak that has the potential to ruin marketing moves and related plans Insomniac must have in the future.


The leaks can be compared to what happened with Rockstar Games in September 2022, when development footage of GTA 6 was leaked online by a team of young hackers. Similar to now, developers across the globe showed their support and backed the company every time online users would criticize the quality of the game, despite it still being in the development process.

On Remedy’s Twitter thread, users like StoicxxGamer are showing support too.


I love this remedy. This is not okay to happen to any studio. I think it’s a strong stand to show support in this manner.

What Insomniac Games is going through at the moment is extremely sensitive and disheartening. Considering the size and nature of the leak, we’re likely to expect more support from fellow creators online and perhaps even an official word from Insomniac regarding how it is handling the entire thing.

The Leaks Go Beyond 1.6 Terabytes of Data, Including Sensitive Information About Various IPs

The developers' hard work and dedication deserve better, and Remedy has voiced it in its tweet.
The developers’ hard work and dedication deserve better, and Remedy has voiced it in its tweet.

Ryhsida, the ransomware gang behind the extremely disrespectful leaks, warned that this was going to happen beforehand. It had announced how it was going to use the stolen data on December 12 and demanded a ransom of $2 million. This roughly transformed into an auction price starting at 50 bitcoins, and it showed no remorse in leaking out the information, giving Insomniac around 7 days to pay.


There are also apparently two X-Men games, and they’ll be released around 2029 and 2033. Moreover, there are also spreadsheets and files revealing that a third Spider-Man game may be planned, based on Venom. Furthermore, fans of the Ratchet and Clank series might have something to look forward to as well.

At the time of writing, we can’t really comment on what exactly has been given out about employee information. However, judging by what Remedy has written in its tweet, it’s likely that this is regarding the people who have worked on various games at the studio.


Regardless of everything that has happened, it is indeed unfortunate to see the hard work of so many developers unexpectedly revealed like this. At present, we can only hope the leaks don’t spread further and things can go back to how they were planned by Insomniac.

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