Reminder, CD Projekt Red Robbed Us of an Even Better ‘The Witcher 3’

According to a Reddit user, we could have received so much more content for The Witcher 3, but sadly it was never meant to be.


  • The Witcher 3 was nearly bigger and better if it wasn't for the removed content.
  • We could have seen a whole new side of Geralt if a certain scene wasn't removed.
  • More of The Witcher's vast variety of characters would have been present if it weren't for cancelled models.
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With all of the news coming out about The Witcher TV show and the many issues that have come along with it. It only feels right to discuss The Witcher 3 and how it could have been so much better if it weren’t for some cut content.


According to a Reddit user, there were reports leaked from CD Projekt Red that revealed a large majority of cut content from the game. This content wasn’t just removed from the main story, however, as there were some pieces of content that were removed from side quests, gwents, and even whole sections.

What Content Was Cut From the Main Story of The Witcher 3?

List of changes and cut content for TW3 from the May 2014 leaks – Part 1 [Contains spoilers]
byu/FlyingScotsmanZA inwitcher


Since it has been nearly 9 years since The Witcher 3 was released, we can safely assume that it is unlikely that we will be getting anymore updates and that this content will not be making its appearance within this game; however, if another game is in the works, it could make its entrance there.

Originally, the story of The Witcher 3 was planned to be a lot longer and have a lot more content that would take players throughout the large map in more detail than it already did; sadly, due to the release deadline, a lot of this content was left on the cutting room floor as CD Projekt Red prioritised finishing the game and ensuring quality rather than quantity.

During development, a character model was originally worked on for the character Iorveth, and he was planned to make an appearance in Novigrad along with other Scoia’tael. However, this was eventually changed; there were also plans for a character description for Iorveth for the preliminary prima guide, but this was also scrapped.

According to a Reddit user, there could have been so much more content in The Witcher 3.
According to a Reddit user, there could have been so much more content in The Witcher 3.

Alongside this character not making the cut, there was also another character called ‘Hern’ who was supposed to make an appearance within the game. However, this did not come to fruition, as both this character and two locations that would be associated with the character, called Hern’s Village and Hern’s House, did not make the final cut.

For those who are fans of Geralt and Yennifer, there is some rather sad news, as an extra heartwarming scene between the two characters was ultimately removed from the final product, which would have shown us Geralt making Yennifer some food as she attempted to remove the curse from the character known as Uma.

How Much of an Impact Would There Have Been if This Content Wasn’t Cut From the Final Product?

According to a Reddit user, we missed out on more wholesome Geralt, Yennifer, and Ciri content.
According to a Reddit user, we missed out on more wholesome Geralt, Yennifer, and Ciri content.

Even though the content that has been described above doesn’t seem all that impactful, there are those who would have loved to see it in the final product. There was plenty more content that was cut from the final release of the game, and a large quantity of that content was side quests and locations that could have improved the game by a large amount.


Whether it be a small side quest that takes you into a village to save them from a horrible monster or a side quest that has you track down a character under the name of ‘the inquisitor‘, which has been taken as a nod to the Dragon Age franchise, there hasn’t been any confirmation on that.

All of this content being removed could have made the game even more interesting and full of life than it already is, but from what we received as a completed game, it would have been a rather small upgrade as a majority of the cut content was just related to characters.

This is only a portion of the cut content that was ultimately removed from The Witcher 3, but from what we can see, there was enough content removed that could have turned the game into something even more magnificent than it already was, but sadly, due to limitations and deadlines, CD Projekt Red had to make the decision to finish development, leaving some players feeling shortchanged.


What did you think about The Witcher 3 back when it was initially released? Do you think some of the content that was removed could have brought the game up to player standards? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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