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‘Replacing Zack Snyder With The Guy Who Greenlit Batwoman for 3 Seasons?’: Fans Outraged as WB CEO Reportedly Hiring The CW’s Arrowverse Boss Greg Berlanti as DC’s Kevin Feige

Greg Berlanti is an American director, producer, and screenwriter who has been known mostly for works such as Love, Simon (director), Riverdale (producer), CW’s The Flash (writer), among numerous other DC projects such as Legends of TomorrowGreen Lantern (2011), SupergirlBatwomanArrowSuperman & Lois, and Titans.

Greg Berlanti
Greg Berlanti

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Even though Berlanti has been involved in a little over 35 successful projects in Hollywood spanning series, films, and animated projects, he is being considered one of the greatest producers of contemporary times.

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Greg Berlanti’s Contribution to DC Television Franchise

The impact of producers on new shows and films is immeasurable, to say the least. The direction and support that are helmed on set and from behind the scenes are what guide most of these projects to their final base. As a producer who has been involved with several DC projects on television, Greg Berlanti‘s contribution to the furthering of the DC franchise as a household favorite is, hence, immeasurable.

The Arrowverse -- as produced by Greg Berlanti
The Arrowverse — as produced by Greg Berlanti

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His vast curriculum vitae when it comes to DC including Arrow, the recent seasons of The Flash, and Batwoman have been received with more criticism than appreciation. However, the experience that the involvement in the envisionment of the Arrowverse has garnered him, makes him one of the most suitable candidates for the new direction in which WB Discovery wants DC to go. Greg Berlanti will need the foresight, experience, and capability to make a long-term plan for the franchise that can take it into the future like Kevin Feige has done (and keeps doing) with Marvel Studios.

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WB Discovery CEO David Zaslav Lays Down DC’s Plans

During the recent company earnings call, DC Films had taken a blow to the knee when David Zaslav, the CEO and President of the merged parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, announced that one of the most anticipated films of the year, Batgirl, would be indefinitely shelved as it did not align with the direction that the franchise is heading toward under his towering guidance.

David Zaslav is set to take WB in new direction
David Zaslav considers hiring Arrowverse producer, Greg Berlanti as DC’s “Kevin Feige”

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Instead, he assures, that the DCEU will proceed with a Marvel-like long-term plan that will narrow down focus only on DC projects and ensure an interconnected universe like that of Zack Snyder‘s in the future. Although the latter half of his news was received with appreciation, the cancellation of an Afro-Latina female-led solo superhero movie was received with critical backlash. Keeping in tandem, the current running of Greg Berlanti (instead of Snyder) in the lead for becoming DC’s new Feige has also been received in the same stead.

The public has been subjected to the flailing past years of the Arrowverse and as the audience, their opinions matter as much as the preservation of a company’s future. Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategic decision of shelving one film in favor of its long-term future comes at a time when the newly minted company couldn’t be more vulnerable. At the rate at which Zaslav has been making changes, it feels like he is keener on ripping off the bandaid rather than making slow and intermittent changes. Now it only becomes a matter of time whether the new management will succeed or fail miserably in its futuristic vision.

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