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‘Rest in Peace, King’: Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Kazuki Takahashi Passes Away At 60

The creator of several golden childhood memories, Kazuki Takahashi, has passed away at the tragically untimely age of 60. His life’s work remains to date beloved by people who had the good fortune to witness and live through the age of Yu-Gi-Oh! and its consequent array of playing cards, television series, movie sequels, et al.

Yu-Gi-Oh anime series
Yu-Gi-Oh! was developed by Japanese artist and creator, Kazuki Takahashi

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Kazuki Takahashi’s Brilliant Creation Yu-Gi-Oh!

The manga series was born out of the unbridled imagination of one of Japan’s most respected, venerated, and brilliant creators, the sensei Kazuki Takahashi. Although the original series was put to rest as early as 2004, Takahashi continued to oversee the development of several projects and sequels in the years to follow.

Kazuki Takahashi encourages fans to vote
Kazuki Takahashi used his manga platform to encourage fans to vote

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The manga did not just end with series adaptation and movie sequels but proceeded to become a highly demanded and collectible playing card. His contribution extended to developing the later card battle game and to date, the anime world has been blessed with derivative manga inspired by the original left behind by Kazuki Takahashi.

However, besides his best-known work, Takahashi was also known for Ing! Love Ball (1981), the sci-fi sports anime, Go-Q-Chouji Ikkiman (1986), and the wrestling manga, Tennenshoku Danji Buray (1991).

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The Tragic Untimely Passing of Kazuki Takahashi

Also known under the pen name of Kazuo Takahashi, the Yu-Gi-Oh! series creator was born in Tokyo, Japan on 4 October 1961. Often dubbed “the greatest mangaka to ever live”, Takahashi began his career in the golden era of 1982 and soon after rose to global fame and respect as a game creator and Japanese artist.

Yu-Gi-Oh! anime

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On the morning of July 6, the body of Sensei Takahashi drifted to the coasts of Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture. His snorkeling gear found attached to his body contributed that the cause of death was a diving accident. After the rental car company that he registered under during his visit to the city did not witness his return at the allocated time, the police were notified of his absence and the latter subsequently launched a search.

Anime Trending reports that the body that was found roughly 300 m offshore was defiled by sharks and other marine life as per the local fire department. The veteran author and mangaka will be remembered by many as his memories will continue to live on through his work.

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