Rick and Morty Season 7 Finale SPOILER Breakdown: “Fear No Mort”

rick and morty season 7 finale
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If there’s one word to describe this season of Rick and Morty so far, it’s “uneven.” It’s been a mixture of ambitious swings and adventures that frankly feel lazy, but the finale has finally come. Although it’s not a flashy, “important” finale like those in some seasons past, it’s a strong enough note to end the season on.


WARNING: If you have not watched Season 7, Episode 10 of Rick and Morty, “Fear No Mort,” you should stop reading now because this article contains MASSIVE spoilers.

Rick and Morty Season 7 Finale SPOILER Breakdown

In this episode, there is no cold open, and we pick up directly with Rick and Morty at a “fear carnival.” They encounter a man (Liev Schreiber) who claims to be from Earth, where he knows of the scariest place in the universe.


The man guides Rick and Morty to a Denny’s, which the duo initially dismisses as a cheap joke. But when they order breakfast, they discover a hole in the bathroom that allows them to encounter their greatest fear, and the hole feeds on that fear in exchange.

Despite Rick’s wishes, Morty jumps into the hole, where a series of disturbing things happen to him. Rick jumps in and saves Morty, and they leave the hole, having conquered their fears.

rick and morty season 7 finale


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However, when they return home and another Rick comes through a portal with Diane from the day she died, they realize they are still trapped in the hole. Rick believes Morty’s fear is him no longer needing Morty, and Morty thinks Rick’s fear is letting go of Diane.

While Diane is catching up with the family, Rick informs her that she is not real (and that no one but him and Morty is real), and they get into an argument. But the following day, Rick invites Diane to the zoo with the family, setting off a series of events in which they make up and realize their love for one another again.


Over time, Rick begins to look sick, and Morty realizes that the hole is feeding off of him. He starts to believe that his fear is watching Rick die. He returns to the Denny’s, where the carnival guy reveals that Rick’s true fear is the fear of happiness and that the hole intends to kill Rick.

Morty goes home and eats a spider in front of Jerry, who scorns him. This causes Morty to realize that his fear is not being accepted, so he puts himself in a series of increasingly embarrassing situations so that the hole will turn its attention to him instead of Rick.

When Diane begins to glitch out, Rick realizes that the hole is now draining Morty’s energy more than his own. Rick goes to Morty’s school play, where he appears sick, nude, and unprepared on stage. Seeing his grandson like this, Rick realizes he must leave the hole and let go of Diane.


Rick gets on stage nude and begins to rap with Morty. When the whole crowd loves it, both of them have conquered their fears, and they get out of the hole. However, the duo keeps realizing they have more fears and worries, and that causes them to reset and climb out of the hole several times.

rick and morty season 7 finale

Rick decides that the only way to defeat the Pope is to remove his access to energy, so he provokes the Vikings before running to bring himself, Morty, and Bigfoot back to life, leaving the rest of the monsters to hold off the Vikings until they can revive themselves.


Eventually, Rick and Morty realize they are no longer afraid — even of still being in the hole. We see a montage of them going through life until Morty grows up and realizes he is scared of becoming his dad, and they end up back at the hole.

Morty realizes that this whole thing was all about him and that Rick never followed him into the hole. His fear was actually relying on Rick, and Rick did not care about him. The hole then releases Morty, for real this time.

When he gets out, Morty tells Rick not to go in the hole, telling him that there was some messed up stuff happening in there with Diane. Rick runs back as if he’s going to jump in the hole, but instead, he just places Morty’s photo on the wall of people who have conquered their fears through the hole.


In a post-credits scene, Mr. Poopybutthole, breaking the fourth wall, reflects on how the season has been a crazy ride and the themes explored this season. He shows that he has stolen one of Rick’s portal guns and used it to infiltrate another life and get his family back, but his wife looks at him suspiciously.

This season of Rick and Morty has been particularly uneven, but given the circumstances of its creation, it’s not as weak as it could have been. Sure, there aren’t really any all-timer episodes in this season, and a few were among the worst in the show’s history, but there are enough strong episodes that it’s not quite time for fans to jump ship.

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