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‘RIP Doctor Who’: Fans Convinced New BBC-Disney Deal Will Kill Franchise’s British Roots, Give Doctor Who a Total American Makeover

doctor who

Doctor Who has been a cult classic since the 1960s, but fans are afraid that the show is going to lose all the appeal it previously held in the wake of the new deal that the BBC recently struck up with Disney. The reins of the British science fiction television program are now in the hands of Disney+ and it looks like the franchise is already getting comfortable with this new development as a brand-new logo for the series has been introduced.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

Now that Disney has the streaming rights, there are also going to be certain changes to the show concerning production, but that’s not all that might be getting changed. According to recent reports, the show is said to be getting a whole American makeover, thereby overshadowing its original British roots completely. And fans are horrified, to say the least.

Disney+ takes over the signature TV show of Doctor Who 

Just a few days ago, Ncuti Gatwa, the Scottish actor who plays the latest Doctor Who, aka, the Time Lord, made a huge announcement on Live! With Kelly and Ryan about how the show is now under the shade of Disney+.

Starting from November 2023, all the new episodes of Doctor Who will air only on Disney+ and will only be available on BBC in the UK and Ireland where the franchise still retains the rights to the show.

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Disney+ takes over Doctor Who
Disney+ takes over Doctor Who

As per reports from The Telegraph, this new deal will enable Disney to provide the show with an enormous budget that BBC couldn’t have been able to grant, thereby sanctioning more creative freedom about the show by “allowing for more cinematic production values and more stars.” But that’s not all that’s going to change.

With a new logo for the show already introduced, fans are worried that Disney+ will end up giving a complete American redo to the show whose true roots have always been British. And people are unhappy about this possibility.

Fans don’t want an American makeover of Doctor Who 

With Disney+ now holding the rights to Doctor Who, fans are bracing themselves to mourn the loss of the otherwise British TV show which they fear is now going to be refashioned to become more American. And their anger and disappointment are justified to a point as well.

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Ncuti Gatwa as the new Doctor
Ncuti Gatwa as the new Doctor Who

The audience has been bestowed with this adventurous and thrilling show for about 50 years and more, and if suddenly a huge franchise like Disney decides to remodel the series with the help of its corporate embellishments, naturally not many people are going to be pleased with it.

Fans are even parading Twitter as they express their disapproval about the same, claiming what now seems to be the end of an era.

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People are directly bashing Disney about apparently how hell-bent it seems to be on ruining shows by molding them into something nobody wishes to see.

And then there are people who aren’t nearly as shocked or upset as others as they claim that Doctor Who has been “dead” for a long time now and this deal is only going to make it worse.

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While some people are relatively less bothered about this news, considering they believe Doctor Who lost its charm long ago, most of them are still trying to digest this recent development as they take hits at Disney for seemingly destroying their favorite show.

Doctor Who‘s Modern Era is currently available for streaming on HBO Max.

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