“Rip to most comic accurate MCU suit”: Anthony Mackie’s New Captain America 4 Suit Triggers Internet

"Rip to most comic accurate MCU suit": Anthony Mackie's New Captain America 4 Suit Triggers Internet

Even though MCU’s Phase 4 has been credited to be the most sub-par of the bunch, it started off with a good start with the concept of live-action series. This began with WandaVision, which performed outstandingly and was quickly followed by Falcon and the Winter Solider. The show’s premise was that Sam and Bucky had to stop a group of masked, super-soldier terrorists all the while, trying to accept the new Captain America, John Walker.

Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America
Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America

The show was a massive hit and fans were excited with the change the show brought for the characters as there were a lot of tonal shifts and character development. Sam Wilson, who previously went by The Falcon, was now the new Captain America. Bucky Barnes, who was forced to be the assassin, the Winter Soldier, and now goes by the White Wolf. With so many changes, many have wondered what is in store

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What is Anthony Mackie’s Suit for Captain America?

After a beautifully depicted internal battle faced by Sam Wilson about whether on not he was worthy to pick up the shield, at the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie took up Chris Evans‘s mantle and Wilson was the new Captain America. His suit shown in the final episode was one deemed to have been the most comic-accurate suit done by the MCU. The suit was perfect according to fans and the appreciation went on for months after the release.

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Sam Wilson as Captain America in Captain America: New World Order
Sam Wilson as Captain America in Captain America: New World Order

“Comic accurate doesn’t necessarily translate to the screen. The suit definitely needed some upgrades.” said a fan on Twitter

The actors have recently started filming for the fourth movie in the franchise called Captain America: New World Order. Newly-leaked pictures from the set of the production give us a look at Wilson’s new suit. The actor is seen wearing a blue suit with a golden Captain America symbol on his chest. His goggles also seem to have golden accents.

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How do Fans Feel About Captain America’s New Suit?

After these pictures were released, the suit received a grand magnitude of reactions. The fans showed a variety of relations. Many were not happy with the change in suits and the idea of scrapping the previous suit and believed the original suit to have been perfect.

The leaked image of the new suit
The leaked image of the new suit

On the other side, many fans were excited about the suit and find it quick and some believe it to be for a mission or stealth and add a variety of different types of situations for us to see the characters.

Regardless of whether or not the suit is permanent or not, fans are excited about the movie as it has to meet very high expectations and responsibilities to the previous actors and storylines.

Captain America: New World Order is set to release on 3 May 2024

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