Rise of the Ronin Looks Set to Take Ghost of Tsushima’s Samurai Gauntlet after PlayStation’s State of Play Trailer

Rise of the Ronin receives a new gameplay trailer, along with a bunch of additional traversal and combat mechanics.

rise of the ronin


  • Rise of the Ronin receives a new gameplay trailer.
  • The title will be released on March 22nd.
  • All new combat and traversal mechanics have been revealed for Rise of the Ronin.
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During this year’s State of Play, gamers received a brand-new look at the upcoming title, Rise of the Ronin, and all of its combative glory. From the beginning to the end of the trailer, gamers recognised a few similarities to games like Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, but this is all new.


Along with the combat, we also received a quick glance at some of the story that will be coming to the game and even the traversal options that players can use to travel around 19th-century Japan. Viewers were also shown the westernization of Japanese culture and environments.

The Combat Looks Fun, Familiar, and Deadly in Rise of the Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin receives a new gameplay trailer.
Rise of the Ronin receives a new gameplay trailer.

Throughout the trailer, our eyes were glued to the fun and imaginative combat system that will be taking place within Rise of the Ronin. Since this game is set in the mid-19th century, the West has begun to import certain objects into Japan that are beginning to become popular within society.


One of the main objects that are being brought into Japan from the West are guns. This will become one of your main weapons within Rise of the Ronin, if you so choose, but there are still plenty of other melee options to choose from.

Whether you would like to stick with the standard Katana and fight like a proper Ronin, make a change and fight with a spear, or go full Western and use a revolver or repeater rifle, there is a plethora of options. And each of these weapons will be at your disposal as you progress through the game.

Along with these weapons, you will also be given a grappling hook, which you can either use to move around the many locations you visit, just like in Ghost of Tsushima. Or you can use it to pull your enemies to you or yourself to your opponents, just like Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.


This brings a whole new level of combat to Rise of the Ronin, as you have so many different strategies to use. Whether you are going in loud or using stealth to clear out a location, the player will always have some way to keep themselves alive in a crisis.

Ronin, Fly Now!? They Do, as Rise of the Ronin Reveals a New Way to Get Around Japan.

Rise of the Ronin receives a new release date announcement and gameplay trailer.
Rise of the Ronin received a new release date announcement along with the gameplay trailer.

During the State of Play, it was revealed that Rise of the Ronin will have multiple ways to get around its open world. Whether you are looking to do the traditional thing and walk on your own two legs the entire way, or looking to hitch a ride, there is always something you can use to make your journey easier.

Another way to get around Rise of the Ronin is with a trusty horse. As long as this horse doesn’t get the same treatment that the horse in Ghost of Tsushima got, then it will be ok. However, it will be a big improvement over walking as it will get you to so many more places faster and safer.


Finally, another way to travel, which was shown during this reveal trailer, was a wing suit, also known as an Avicula. You can use it to glide through the air from one place to another, which once paired with the grappling system, can take you very far and very fast.

All of these traversal mechanics blend together so well that gamers can use each and every one together to move faster, smarter, and safer through the world of Rise of the Ronin. Hopefully, there will be more reveals sometime in the near future that will get us even more hyped for Rise of the Ronin once it releases on March 22nd of this year.

What do you think about Rise of the Ronin and its combat and traversal systems? Are you looking forward to fighting your way through 19th-century Japan? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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