Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man Is Not the Only Marvel Superhero Tom Cruise Has Rejected

Robert Downey Jr's Ironman Is Not the Only Marvel Superhero Tom Cruise Has Rejected
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Tom Cruise has long enjoyed his reputation as an action star in Hollywood. But somehow, he never touched upon a superhero role. Despite playing nearly indestructible characters that appear quite similar to that of a superhero, Cruise refused to be a capped savior for his audience.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Repeatedly reviving his popular roles in Mission Impossible and Top Gun franchises, Tom Cruise revealed how he almost got himself engaged with Marvel Studios. It has been reported that the actor was offered the role of Iron Man before he refused it and carved the way for Robert Downey Jr. However, it’s not the only Marvel superhero role that Cruise refused. 

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Tom Cruise Almost Snatched Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man 

Enjoying an ornamented career in Hollywood for more than a few decades, Tom Cruise majorly starred in action movies. However, claiming a reputation as Hollywood’s heartthrob and an action hero, Cruise repeatedly refused to play a superhero character. Despite appearing as invincible in his movies, quite similar to a superhero, the 60-year-old perpetually maintains his distance from being a caped savior.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise was offered the role of Tony Stark

Evidently, prior to the release of 2008’s Iron Man, Tom Cruise was offered the role of Tony Stark, before he turned down and paved the way for Robert Downey Jr. As someone who’s quite experienced with performing his own stunts and delivering thorough work, Cruise would have been a perfect fit for the role, according to the Studios. However, maintaining his distance like always, the 60-year-old turned down the offer. 

Tom Cruise
Cruise refused Iron Man and paved the way for Robert Downey Jr

Tom Cruise mentioned, “[Marvel Studios] came to me at a certain time and, when I do something, I wanna do it right.” explaining his reasons for refusing the role, cruise stated, “I need to be able to make decisions and make the film as great as it can be, it just didn’t go down that road that way.” In a different interview, the actor further stated how rejecting the role of Tony Stark, not only worked well for him, but also Downey Jr.  


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Tom Cruise Refused Another Marvel Superhero Role

The infamous role of Iron Man wasn’t the only superhero movie that Tom Cruise rejected in his career. Welcome to the Cannon Films version of Spiderman during the 80s was also apparently offered to Cruise. Back in 1985, Cannon Films brought an adaptation of Spider-Man to the big screen. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise was chosen for the role of Spiderman

The movie, despite its medium budget, became a massive success, given its credibility in the mid-80s. Tom Cruise was the initial choice for the role of Spiderman in the 80s classic hit movie. But no matter how well the role would have served Cruise, the actor refused the enormous opportunity of public appreciation. 


Irrespective of how perfect Tom Cruise would have featured as Stan Lee’s Spiderman, given the description as “intelligent, 20, with dark hair and rimless glasses”, the actor stayed true to his decision. Therefore, as it appears, Cruise has been refusing superhero roles, clearly since the beginning of his career. 

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