Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 Fans Sign Petition in Droves

Sign it, and we might just skip 2024.

Rockstar Games GTA 6 Fans Sign Petition in Droves


  • The petition aims to skip 2024. Yes, the entire year.
  • According to the post, this will bring us closer to GTA 6's launch.
  • Some users are unhappy with this decision.
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It’s been less than a month since GTA 6’s first trailer was unveiled to the world, and the Internet is reaching new horizons with the game’s anticipation. In a recent Reddit post, users signed a petition to ‘skip 2024’ in hopes of getting closer to the game’s release date.

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No, we’re not making any of this up. The petition was put up less than a day ago and has already become one of the most upvoted posts on the GTA 6 subreddit. It’s one thing to overanalyze the trailer, but it’s a whole new kind of madness to mess with timelines. In fact, Rockstar Games might just shift the release date because a bunch of people made 2024 disappear.


The Petition Has Crossed 23.5k Signatures

Why wait for the 2025 launch date when you can just skip a year instead?
Why wait for the 2025 launch date when you can just skip a year instead?

It all started when Redditor jiar300 woke up and decided to skip an entire year. That’s right, they made a petition that asked internet users to give their signatures if they were in favor of skipping 2024 altogether. Why do so? Well, to shorten the wait for GTA 6, of course!

One of the top comments by Redditor Gocrypalestine may give us a hint at what Rockstar might do in the absence of 2024:


Rockstar would literally change the release to 2026.

It could, really, especially after all that the company is capable of pulling. Despite skipping an entire year to fast-forward the wait for GTA 6, some players express their concerns about not having the needed time. You see, many gamers are yet to obtain a PS5 or Xbox Series X in hopes of running the game to its best potential. PC users, in the meantime, express no opinions. Even though this is pretty much a meme post, the number of signatures appearing here seems to be believable.

While we aren’t sure how accurate or doable any of this would be, skipping a year might have dire consequences. For a second, imagine being a developer at Rockstar who’s yet to polish the game further. Like a sane person, it probably had things planned. But, because of one crazy Redditor’s ambition, all timelines are disrupted. A delay is imminent, and this will upset PC players even further. 


Moreover, this isn’t the first petition in favor of bringing GTA 6 a bit early to the fanbase. Another petition asks users to drop their signatures in hopes of demanding the game in 2024 itself rather than waiting an additional year.

If 2024 Does Take Place, What Can We Expect From GTA 6?

Wait for more trailers in 2024, or skip it all until the release date? Tough choice.
Wait for more trailers in 2024, or skip it all until the release date? Tough choice.

We don’t want to jinx it, but in case the petition fails and we do get to live through 2024, we might just expect more trailers and artwork for GTA 6 from Rockstar. That’s correct, from the company itself and not a subreddit that never sleeps. So far, the first trailer has given us quite a glimpse at the game’s gorgeous world and detailed NPCs (among playable characters). This is likely to expand as time passes, with more revelations.


The next few trailers will hopefully include a gameplay deep dive, where we get to see how the new era of GTA 6 shapes up to become a video game that will be played by generations of players to come. After all, GTA 5 is still going strong a decade later.

Given Rockstar Games’ history with trailers, we’re likely to see multiple videos that showcase different aspects of the game in more detail. One part of this will have to do with the game’s story and how world events shape the game’s narrative. Another important part of the game is the characters themselves, Jason and Lucia.


The two lovebirds seem to have a trustworthy relationship that lives off of a high-risk, high-reward lifestyle. Finally, we can also expect a trailer that shows off new mechanics, mini-games, and world activities within GTA 6’s large setting. Still, all of this is pure speculation, and we’ll have to wait and watch how Rockstar further reveals the game.

In the meantime, we can sign enough petitions that make real life feel like a game mod. Timelines will shift and the game can hopefully arrive early.


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