Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 Trailer Tweet Becomes the Most Liked Gaming Tweet EVER

Rockstar Games posted on X revealing GTA 6 trailer drop details and breaking the record for the most liked gaming tweet ever yet again.

Rockstar Games' GTA 6 Trailer Tweet Becomes the Most Liked Gaming Tweet EVER


  • Rockstar Games' post about the trailer drop details for GTA 6 has broken the record for most-liked gaming post on X again.
  • Just last month, the mere mention of a first trailer for the next GTA title coming early December broke the same record for the first time.
  • GTA 6 Trailer 1 will drop on the 5th of December at 9 a.m. Eastern Time and is expected to break several records.
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Rockstar Games dropped the news last month that the next GTA title will get a first look around early December, and the simple post on X created ruffles throughout the gaming community. The post went on to break records and soon became the most-liked gaming post in the social media website’s history. Now that it is finally December, gamers have been waiting with bated breath, and yesterday, Rockstar dropped another update.


Rockstar posted the exact date when the trailer will drop for the next GTA title. The post has once again broken the record on the social media platform, twice in less than a month.

Rockstar Games Posts Trailer Reveal Date for Next GTA Title, Becomes Most Liked Post Again

Rockstar Games announced yesterday that the first trailer for the next GTA title will drop on the 5th of December.
Rockstar Games announced yesterday that the first trailer for the next GTA title will drop on Tuesday.

December is here, and gamers have been waiting to hear from Rockstar since early morning yesterday for an update on the GTA 6 trailer or a teaser. Rockstar didn’t disappoint, as it posted an image stating the first trailer for the next GTA title will drop on December 5. This post again got the entire gaming community buzzing as it overtook Rockstar’s post from last month, where Rockstar mentioned it would “release the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto.


With 1.6 million likes, the post has officially become the most-liked gaming post on X, overtaking Rockstar’s post from last month. Both posts continue to get more likes and should continue to get even further, at least for the next couple of days. Once we get to the 5th of December, however, there’s no predicting how many records will be broken by Rockstar once it drops the first trailer.

Fans are already counting down the number of hours left for the trailer to drop, counting down to the exact time mentioned by Rockstar: 9 AM Eastern Time. The impatience is quite evident among fans, as there’s a complete dissection of the image that Rockstar Games posted to reveal the first trailer drop details.

Vice City Speculations Gain More Ground After Rockstar Games Posts Image With Vice City-Inspired Theme

Rockstar Games posted an image to make the announcement and the chosen theme has strong Vice City vibes.
Rockstar Games posted an image to make the announcement, and the chosen theme has strong Vice City vibes.

GTA 6 continues to be linked to GTA Vice City by eagle-eyed fans who have been checking out every minute detail that’s coming out of Rockstar Games. A couple of days ago, Rockstar Games also dropped the latest set of merchandise, and one of the accessories in the collection included an “I Heart VC” patch, which further fueled the already viral speculations of a return of Vice City in the upcoming GTA title.


Now, with the image that Rockstar Games has chosen to use for the announcement, fans remain even more confident that there will be a Vice City connection in some way or another. The theme of the image chosen by Rockstar contained palm trees on either side and three birds right below the message. The palm trees immediately reminded OG gamers of Vice City‘s setting, which was mostly by the beach, inspired highly by the city of Miami.

The three birds in the image have also given rise to speculations about the upcoming title either having three distinct cities for players to explore or that the game itself might feature a lot of birds and animals more realistically. GTA 6 is also rumored to have the biggest map in the history of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, so Rockstar Games might just include complete sections of the map from Vice City, a game that’s forever etched in the hearts of long-time franchise fans.

Vice City had a rather small map compared to GTA 5, the last title in the franchise that was released more than a decade ago.


GTA 5 did have a considerably bigger map compared to all previous titles in the franchise, and the upcoming title will break that record if all the rumors are to be believed. GTA 6 was rumored to take inspiration from the city of Florida for its setting.

All of the rumors, leaks, and speculations will finally end once the trailer drops in less than 3 days, and since Rockstar Games mentioned it will be Trailer 1, there will be another impatient wait for a full trailer if the upcoming trailer ends up showing very little about the next GTA title.

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