Rockstar Reportedly Shut Down Grand Theft Auto Movie Starring Eminem, With Top Gun’s Tony Scott Directing

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Grand Theft Auto has been one of the biggest games to ever exist. The fifth part is quite literally part of every household, either on consoles or PCs or whichever means possible. So to think that there was a chance for fans to see a movie about the gaming franchise would truly be a dream.

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto

To learn that there was such a possibility may seem impossible, but in the eyes of the Rockstar founders, it was not the best idea, no matter who was starring in it.

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Grand Theft Auto Almost Had A Movie With Eminem

It has recently been brought to light by an insider that Grand Theft Auto was almost going to have a movie with Eminem starring, along with Tony Scott as director. GTA V has been the optimal game for multiple gamers throughout the world. Kirk Irwing, who is close with the founders, Sam and Dan Houser stated that he got a call offer for $5 Million in order to get the rights for the movie which could be a huge success following the banging release of GTA III.


However, the brothers had very clearly remarked on their disinterest, stating that the games and the developing world around them was much larger than what the silver screen could ever provide. The game’s release had been around the same time Eminem’s fame was going off the charts, so to have him part of the movie was a huge opportunity for them. He also was getting into the world of movies with his semi-biographical film 8 Mile.

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The Houser Brothers Were Not Interested In A Grand Theft Auto Movie

Although Irwing had gotten in touch with Sam Houser and was talking about having perhaps a movie in the making at some point, the founder rejected the idea at once. They made it the last time either of the siblings even mentioned about there ever being a movie regarding the world of GTA. To the brothers, it had not been about the money or the actors, but the large scaled gaming world that they believed was best left untouched within the world of Hollywood.

The poster for GTA V

“He said ‘Kirk we’ve got Eminem to star, and it’s a Tony Scott film – $5m on the nose. Are you interested?”

The answer was most definitely a NO.

With GTA VI already having been announced to be in the works, with a possible launch of 2025, gamers across platforms have readied themselves to go back into the world and experience what Rockstar created for them after such a long wait. Even with the leaks in September, fans have not lost hope for what is to come.


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