Ryan Gosling Himself Inspired One Sadistic Character That Became a $1.3B Franchise Later 

Ryan Gosling Himself Inspired One Sadistic Character That Became a $1.3B Franchise Later


  • Ryan Gosling is everyone's favorite Hollywood Hunk as many people are able to relate to him for a wide variety of reasons.
  • He was initially asked to be a part of a $1 billion franchise but turned it down for personal reasons, something he might have regretted later.
  • Ryan Gosling is also rumored to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe after rumors spread that he recently met up with Marvel Head Kevin Feige.
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Ryan Gosling is viewed as a true Hollywood hunk thanks to a range of iconic roles in films such as Crazy, Stupid Love, La La Land, and most recently – Barbie. His skills, charisma, and overall charming nature mean that fans simply cannot get enough of his work. That said, Gosling actually inspired a very sadistic character in a major film franchise, once upon a time.

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Ryan Gosling also got an early start in his career in showbusiness, appearing in the TV series Young Hercules all the way back in 1998, as well as Breaker High. It was evident from the very beginning that he was born for this industry.


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Ryan Gosling staring
Drive (2011)

Ryan Gosling Was The Prototype For An Iconic Dastardly Character In A Huge Movie Franchise

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures considered various actors before choosing Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam as the stars for Fifty Shades of Grey. Initially, Ryan Gosling was considered, but he declined the role even though he was the original prototype. Garrett Hedlund was also pursued but passed on the role due to a lack of connection with the character. Other actors, including Christian Cooke, were in contention.


Charlie Hunnam, known for his role in Sons of Anarchy, eventually secured the part. Despite questions about his ability to carry a major film, Universal Pictures decided on the pair, with author E.L. James announcing the casting before the first film.

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Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Ryan Gosling Is Rumored To Make His MCU Debut

Ryan Gosling looks full of joy
Barbie (2023)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is at an all-time low right now and the franchise desperately needs a shot in the arm and some fresh faces to help with their current plight. Obviously, fans would love nothing more than that either.

In case you didn’t know, there is speculation in Hollywood about Ryan Gosling potentially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe following a rumored meeting with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. Insider Daniel Richtman suggests that the discussions revolved around exploring potential opportunities within the vast superhero franchise.


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This isn’t the first instance of Ryan Gosling’s name being associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the past, he was reportedly considered for the role of Doctor Strange, a role that was ultimately filled by Benedict Cumberbatch from 2016 onwards. Only time will tell if Gosling ends up becoming a part of the MCU.


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