Ryan Gosling’s Fear of Heights in The Fall Guy was the Last Thing on Eva Mendes’ Mind When She Pleaded Him to Stay Away From 1 Particular Stunt

Ryan Gosling's family asked him not to perform one extremely dangerous stunt in The Fall Guy.

Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy


  • Ryan Gosling said his family advised him not to do any fire stunts in The Fall Guy.
  • The actor admitted his fear of heights, yet he managed to jump off a tall building.
  • Director David Leitch used old-school stunt techniques in The Fall Guy.
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Ryan Gosling just proved that he’s got the skills of a stuntman. Despite his fear of heights, he managed to pull off one of the most dangerous stunts in The Fall Guy. With this, his family got a little bit concerned about the actor’s safety.

ryan gosling the fall guy
Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy

Gosling shared that his wife, Eva Mendes, and his kids asked him one thing not to do on the set of The Fall Guy. It’s extremely difficult, though, because the nature of the movie would entail the Canadian star to perform death-defying choreographies.

Ryan Gosling Avoided One Stunt As Requested By His Family

In his conversation with Extra TV, actor Ryan Gosling shared what advice Eva Mendes gave him before going on the set of David Leitch’s The Fall Guy.


Don’t do fire. It was actually a request from my kids, too. They were like, “Okay, play as stunt guy, but don’t get set up on fire.’

Fire might be a great concern for Gosling’s family but not his fear of heights. The actor once revealed via People that “they dropped me 12 stories off of a building, and I have a fear of heights.” He also shared that he did a couple more dangerous stunts on his own.

ryan gosling performs stunt the fall guy
Ryan Gosling performs a stunt in The Fall Guy

He could actually let his stuntmen perform the film’s acrobatics, but it was important for Gosling to do some himself as the movie serves as a tribute to all stuntpeople. His stunt double, Ben Jenkin, was very proud to tell MovieWeb that the Barbie actor conquered his fear of heights.

He [Gosling] was so game to do lots of things. The first time I met him, I said to him, ‘Is there anything that makes you uncomfortable, or you don’t want to do?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, I’m not too fond of heights.’ And the opening scene of the movie is dropping him 150 feet. And he did it! And he was so game to do it, get his hands dirty and do the stunts.”

It’s great to know that Gosling and the team did not rely on the power of technology to pull off the stunts in The Fall Guy, and surely, he avoided the fires and explosions just as his family told him.


The Fall Guy Director Wanted To Use Old-School Stunt Techniques

ryan gosling emily blunt the fall guy
Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in The Fall Guy

Director David Leitch spoke with Vanity Fair and shared that his production team explored many old-fashioned ways of performing stunts. Although the use of CGI is inevitable, the filmmaker made sure that the movie will serve as an homage to stunt people.

Obviously in modern cinema we have the use of CGI, and we use it liberally. But when we’re making a love letter to stunts and the blue-collar crews that make these movies come to life, we explored doing old-school high falls into airbags, and jumping a car as far as we could, and rolling a car as many times as we could.”

The Fall Guy currently has an impressive 87% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it has been praised by many for its fun and action-packed storyline.

The Fall Guy is now showing in theaters worldwide.


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