Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 isn’t a Multiverse Adventure, It’s Marvel’s Truman Show on Steroids – The MCU Theory You aren’t Ready for

Deadpool might find himself in a extradimensional space masquerading as the TVA.

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3 isn't a Multiverse Adventure, It's Marvel's Truman Show on Steroids - The MCU Theory You aren't Ready for


  • Deadpool and Wolverine ,ight be setting up a completely different plot than what has been teased to fans.
  • Deadpool might actually be in Mojoworld instead of TVA, given that we see the Fox Studios logo damaged and also because the TVA seems different than at the end of Loki.
  • Mojo could serve as the perfect villain for Deadpool, given his acumen for TV and films.
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Deadpool and Wolverine have a host of details that fans have been pouring over to figure out what the film might do. As the film fully integrates the mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, a lot of details popped out to fans from the teaser that was shared during Superbowl Sunday. However, there seemed to be something odd about the TVA as it was depicted in the teaser and theory might be able to point out why.

Screengrab from Deadpool 3 Trailer
Wade, in the TVA from a shot of the Deadpool and Wolverine teaser.

Given that Loki ‘fixed’ the TVA at the end of his solo series, growing the multiverse in the hopes that whatever threat rises could be defeated by the heroes in the universe, it seems odd that the TVA would pool Deadpool out of his timeline to ‘save’ others. A theory suggests that what we encounter is not the TVA at all, but a sham What we are witnessing in the teaser is Mojoworld.

The damaged Fox Studios Logo is the key to the theory

The 20th Century Fox Logo
The 20th Century Fox Logo

Mojoworld was already teased in Deadpool 2, with Shatterstar hailing from the planet. Shatterstar can be clearly seen in the teaser, celebrating Wade’s birthday. While it has been established that the Mojoworld is a planet, it is also expected as an extradimensional space, functioning very much like the TVA.


The theory states, that since the TVA has now been reformed and has turned more into a monitoring facility than a time police, there is no need for them to be directly involved in fixing timelines. There is also the fact that during one of the sequences in the teaser, we see a destroyed Fox Studios logo. While Deadpool has previously broken the fourth wall, we have never seen such an outright acknowledgment in the narrative of anything that meta-textual. This causes the theory to believe that Deadpool might not be in the TVA, but be in a version of Mojoworld.

Mojoworld is the perfect setting for Deadpool

Mojo, ruler of the Mojoverse, as seen in Avengers Assemble
Mojo, ruler of the Mojoverse, as seen in Avengers Assemble

Mojoworld is described as an extratemporal and extradimensional space, where all of Earth’s media is streamed into the minds of its natives, the Spineless Ones. Due to their early and overwhelming exposure to Earth’s media, they develop a lifestyle that has them very keen about films and TV shows, but utterly terrified yet fascinated by human beings

And the ruler of this world is a tyrannical slaver, named Mojo. Mojo functions like a TV executive, except he has absolute control over the entire planet. Mojo creates hyperviolent TV series with real-life mutants and deaths, all in a bid to maintain his power and status in his world.


Having a villain who is aware of concepts like the fourth wall and is a TV producer could not be a better fit for Deadpool. Along with that, his constant references to extra-narrative elements would land with Mojo, and also make him a pretty popular entity in Mojoworld.


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