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Ryan Reynolds Launches Last Minute Apology Campaign ‘2 Ginute Warning’ Because Aviation Gin Hasn’t Done Anything This Super Bowl Due To Wrexham AFC

Ryan Reynolds Launches Last Minute Apology Campaign '2 Ginute Warning' Because Aviation Gin Hasn't Done Anything This Super Bowl Due To Wrexham AFC

Ryan Reynolds launches “2 Ginute Warning” Super Bowl Campaign to compensate for Aviation Gin’s absence. As the Super Bowl approaches, fans of both the NFL and Aviation Gin were wondering what the beloved gin brand had planned for the big game. After all, the brand’s owner, Ryan Reynolds, is known for his witty and often hilarious advertisements, so fans were expecting something big.

However, to their surprise, Aviation Gin was absent from the Super Bowl ad space, leaving fans disappointed. But being the quick-thinking and creative person he is, Ryan Reynolds devised a last-minute apology campaign called “2 Ginute Warning.”

What is Ryan Reynolds’ “2 Ginute Warning”?

Ryan Reynolds with Aviation Gin
Ryan Reynolds with Aviation Gin

During the Super Bowl, at every two-minute warning, fans are given two minutes to enter sweepstakes to win two tickets to next year’s Super Bowl. The campaign’s website,, has been created to show Ryan Reynolds’ dedication to Aviation Gin and NFL fans.

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Although the campaign is not the most impressive one the actor has ever done, it still shows his commitment to making things right with fans. As Reynolds explains in the video posted on social media, he has been busy with his recently acquired soccer team, Wrexham AFC, and hasn’t had much time to focus on Aviation Gin.

Ryan Reynolds as the co-owner of Wrexham FC
Ryan Reynolds, as the co-owner of Wrexham FC

But that doesn’t mean he forgot about the fans. “We love our aviation and NFL fans,” Reynolds said in the video. “So we’re going to come up with something right now. Let’s see.” And thus, the “2 Ginute Warning” campaign was born.

While the campaign is a last-minute effort, it still generated excitement among fans. Reynolds even joked about the website being hastily put together, asking, “Can we get someone to build a website today?”

Ryan Reynolds’ Creativity Is Off The Roof

Reynolds’ creative approach to making up for Aviation Gin’s absence during the Super Bowl shows why he has become one of the most beloved figures in Hollywood. Not only is he funny and charismatic, but he also genuinely cares about his fans.

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Aviation Gin has recently become one of the most popular brands, thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious advertisements. Aviation Gin has always stood out from the crowd, from poking fun at Peloton to featuring celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Sam Elliott.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

And although Aviation Gin didn’t have an official Super Bowl ad this year, Reynolds’ “2 Ginute Warning” campaign made up for it in a big way. Not only did it show his creativity and dedication to his fans, but it also gave fans a chance to win tickets to next year’s Super Bowl, which is a huge prize.

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Reynolds can turn even the smallest mishaps into opportunities to connect with his fans. And that makes him such a beloved figure in Hollywood and beyond. As Reynolds continues to expand his empire, with projects like Wrexham AFC and the upcoming Deadpool 3, it’s clear that his commitment to his fans will always remain a top priority.

And if the “2 Ginute Warning” campaign is any indication, he’ll continue to find new and exciting ways to make his fans happy. So, although Aviation Gin may not have had an official Super Bowl ad this year, Ryan Reynolds’ “2 Ginute Warning” campaign more than made up for it. Who knows what he’ll come up with next?

Source: Ryan Reynolds | Twitter

Written by Mabel Andrady

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