Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 Created Original Supervillain Called ‘Vultress’ Just So Angelina Jolie Could Be in the Movie

Angelina Jolie as Spider-Man 4's antagonist?
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The renowned actress Angelina Jolie has quite a brilliant career to her name. With movies like Maleficent and Gone in 60 Seconds, she has time and again proved why the fans of cinema love her so much. She recently made her debut in the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe with Eternals where she played Thena.

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Well, recently it was revealed that Angelina Jolie was also director Sam Raimi’s choice to play a fresh antagonist in the fourth installment of the Spider-Man movies, starring Tobey Maguire. Obviously, the sequel never happened and Angelina Jolie playing the movie’s villain never came to light. It is still quite interesting to think about the events that would have followed if she was to be a part of the non-existent Spider-Man 4.

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Angelina Jolie – Vulture’s Daughter?

Vulture in comics
The Vulture as seen in comics

The famous Spider-Man universe antagonist Vulture AKA Adrian Toomes was supposedly going to have a daughter – the Vultress. Angelina Jolie was director Sam Raimi’s choice to play the new character. Since, Vultress has never been seen in the comics, she would’ve been an original character.

According to The Direct, who got early access to Sean O’Connell’s Spider-Man centric book, With Great Power, the team was planning to get Jolie on board. The fourth movie would’ve had the Vulture as the antagonist. However, after his death, his daughter would carry on his villainous legacy, becoming the Vultress. She would also be playing an “accomplished executive representing a venture capital firm that was trying to buy the Daily Bugle.”

Apart from this, Raimi’s plans to make Vulture a bit more modernized were also revealed. His vision was to depict the antagonist in a different way than seen in the comics. This idea would’ve reflected in how the feathers on Vulture’s wings were “designed to flip out like razor-sharp blades.” Storyboard artist Jeffrey Henderson stated that Adrian Toomes was called the Vulture because he left nothing but bones behind when he was done with his enemy.


“He was essentially a guy that did as a lot of ugly stuff for the government, did a lot of ugly stuff as a private contractor… I thought a clever thing to do would be to say that part of the reason they called him The Vulture was because when he was done, he didn’t leave anything but bones behind.”

While Raimi’s vision for a fourth Spider-Man movie didn’t become a reality, seeing the Vulture and Vultress duo would have been interesting. However, what would happen to Jolie’s Marvel career if the movie did happen?

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How the Alternate Timeline Would’ve Effected Today

Angelina Jolie as Thena in Eternals

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If Raimi was successful in his attempt, Tobey Maguire might even have returned for a fifth movie. This would mean that The Amazing Spider-Man wouldn’t become a reality and in-turn it would erase all possibilities of Marvel’s Spider-Man coming into existence. Thus, it is possible that Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland would never have been seen as Spider-Men.

Ravonna Renslayer was right when she said “timekeepers are all that stand between us and full-scale calamity.” Maybe it was for the best that the timeline unfolded as it did.

Source: The Direct



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