Sandra Bullock Mocked Brad Pitt for Buff Physique in Her Action Movie With Channing Tatum: “What happened to your body?”

Sandra Bullock Mocked Brad Pitt for Buff Physique in Her Action Movie With Channing Tatum
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Sandra Bullock played the lead in a recent adventure-based film The Lost City. She was accompanied by the Magic Mike star Channing Tatum. Sandra Bullock was the star and producer of the film. The action-adventure comedy was received well by the audience and was relatively a box office success. There is a blink-of-an-eye cameo of a Hollywood star in the film, which surprised the fans.

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in The Lost City

Fight Club star Brad Pitt was the A-lister who did a small cameo in the film. However, lead actress Sandra Bullock was shocked by his bulky size in the film. 

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Sandra Bullock’s shocking reaction to Brad Pitt’s look in The Lost City

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood actor Brad Pitt played a small role in Bullock’s film. He had only three-day shoots on the sets, however, the actor built a strong and quite buffed physique for his cameo. He worked out diligently to convincingly portray his hunky and muscular look. 

brad pitt in the lost city movie
brad pitt in the lost city movie

Bullock recalled in conversation with The New York Times,

“He walked in, and I went, ‘What happened to your body?’ He’s like, ‘I bulked up for the role.’ I was like, ‘For this role? The one where you’re here for three and a half days?’. He even gave us an extra day. I had to go into the trailer and go, ‘Mr. Pitt, I know you only contractually gave us three days, but do you mind?’”

The Lost City featured Bullock and Channing Tatum as the leads, and Harry Potter fame Daniel Ratcliffe, in the leading antagonist role. It was an action-adventure comedy directed by the Nee brothers. They co-wrote the screenplay with Oren Uziel and Dana Fox and based on a story by Seth Gordon.


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Why did Brad Pitt do a cameo in Sandra Bullock’s The Lost City?

The Babylon actor had agreed to do a small part in Sandra Bullock’s film, as she had done a cameo in his action film Bullet Train. The actor was only returning the favor to The Proposal star. 

Miss Congeniality star shared that her contract for Bullet Train is the same as Pitt’s contract for The Lost City. The reciprocal cameo hit the reality grounds with the help of their mutual hairstylist Janine. 

Sandra Bullock in Bullet Train
Sandra Bullock in Bullet Train

Bullock said, 

“Brad and I have been doing favors for each other back and forth over the years,” she shared. “Janine Thompson, who does my hair, also does Brad’s hair, and he got her on the phone and said, ‘Can Sandy come do Bullet Train?’ When we saw this role, we said, ‘All right, Janine, talk to Brad. You’re right near his head right now – lean down into his ear and say, ‘You’re doing Lost City.’ And he did.”

Talking about her role in Bullet Train she said, 

“It was a three- or four-day little role, nothing in comparison to what everyone else is doing. I just slide into Brad’s head and I stay there until the very end.”

The Lost City is available for streaming on Paramount+.


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Source-The New York Times


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