Savage Spider-Man Facts You Didn’t Know

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Savage Spider-Man appeared out of the blue for many Spider-Man fans. This latest mini-series stars everyone’s favorite Web-Slinger. It’s being published by Joe Kelly and Gerardo Sandoval, and it pledges to show readers a fresh, more savage side of Spider-Man that they’ve never seen before. Here is some Savage Spider-Man trivia you probably didn’t know.


1. The Effect of a ‘Brain-Strengthening’ Drug:

The new and violent - Savage Spider-Man.
The bigger and much more violent – Savage Spider-Man.

The A-Plus medication is to blame for Spider-Man’s quick and violent metamorphosis this time. This drug boosts cognitive function in normal people to the point that their brains literally burn out. It was given in excess to the hired muscle known as the Zapata Brothers. As a result, their brains grew to enormous proportions, enveloping their bodies and the surrounding streets in a mass of grey matter. A dose of A-Plus has transformed Spider-Man feral, altering his body into something that resembles a giant Spider-Man.


2. The inspiration from Island of Doctor Moreau

The inspiration for Savage Spiderman - Island of Doctor Moreau
Bob Ozman in The Island of Dr. Moreau.

‘Isle of the Damned’ is the name of the island where Spider-Man discovers himself in this narrative. It is here that the A-Plus makers have abandoned the victims of their unsuccessful trials. Many of these botched experiments, like Spider-Man, are human/animal hybrids. This, coupled with the term ‘Isle of the Damned,’ are unmistakable references to H.G. Wells’ ‘The Island of Doctor Moreau’. The plot revolves around Dr. Moreau, who transforms humanity into animal/human hybrids and employs them as servants and slaves.

3. One of the Central Villains of the story – Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo - Major nemesis of Savage Spider-Man
Baron Zemo – Central nemesis of Savage Spider-Man.

When he isn’t seeking to set up the new Thunderbolts squad, Baron Zemo is best remembered for his memorable confrontations against Captain America or the Avengers. His ties to the A-Plus medicine and its developers will lead him back to New York City and into Spider-Man’s path. On a flying airplane, Zemo and Spider-Man had a duel, which concluded with Zemo’s henchmen abandoning him and flinging both him and Spider-Man from the plane.


4. Not the first time for Savage Spider-Man

Another equivalent version of Savage Spider-Man
Six-Arms Spider-Man

The very first time something of this sort happened to Spider-Man was in Stan Lee and Gil Kane’s “Six Arms Saga.” Peter took a drug that was supposed to take away his spider abilities, but it actually increased them and gave him four more arms. Spider-Man meets the Lizard and Morbius while attempting to cure this new mutation. Eventually, Morbius’ blood is actually used by Spidey and the Lizard to heal themselves.

5. Savage Spider-Man’s All-New Power

Spider-Man's female counterpart - Spider-Woman.
Spider-Man’s female counterpart – Spider-Woman.

In the first issue of Savage Spider-Man, he demonstrates a new ability. He spat a red webbing from his mouth, which he used to manipulate the other hybrids on the Isle of the Damned. This is a brand-new power for the Spider-Man franchise. Spider-Woman‘s pheromones, that allow her to affect males to some extent, is the only equivalent ability. However, it has never appeared to enchant people as much as Spider-Man’s new red webbing.


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