Scariest Clown Monsters In Movie History That Put The Joker & Pennywise To Shame

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Hollywood has a weird obsession with scary clown monsters. In real life, many people have a healthy fear of clowns and Hollywood has given us enough clown monsters to keep us wake at night. You think Pennywise and the Joker were horrifying? Wait till you see these ones!!


Kent McCoy – Clown (2014)

Kent McCoy

In the 2014 horror thriller Clown, a man by the name of Kent McCoy is hosting a birthday party for his son. When the clown he hired does not show up, he finds an abandoned clown suit he wears to the party himself. But the next day, he wakes up with the clown suit permanently attached to his skin. The suit turns out to be the skin of a demon called ‘The Clöyne’. And to shed it off, Kent McCoy must devour five children or the hunger will eventually get the better of him.

Art The Clown – All Hallow’s Eve

Art The Clown

He is an gent of darkness and mayhem. Art the Clown silently lurks in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to torment his targets. He records his gruesome acts in a VHS tape and puts it in the trick-or-treat bag of a kid. When the babysitter hired to watch over the kid takes a look at the VHS tapes’ contents, the entire audience is in for one hell of a surprise as Art the Clown sets events into motion for his final act. Throughout All Hallow’ Eve, he does not utter a single word. That’s what makes him even more terrifying.


Jack In The Box – Krampus

Der Clown

Toni Collette and Adam Scott join forces for this holiday thriller that starts out on a seemingly fun note. The movie’s first half is all fun and games. There’s even a bit of humor. But the second half of the movie is when the beats is unleashed. Krampus unleashes its minions and one of them is the one of the most terrifying clown monsters ever – Jack In The Box. Things turn from bad to worse when jack in the Box literally swallows a person whole. Holiday movies like Krampus are a treat to watch for horror fans.

Violator – Spawn


Who knew John Leguizamo would be such a treat to watch portraying roles like murderous clown monsters. Violator from the 1997 Spawn movie was probably the movie’s sole saving grace. Violator is a clown hailing literally from hell. He was sent to watch over Spawn and help him exact his revenge in return for him becoming a part of Hell’s army. Violator may look and sound ridiculous but the guy is a force of nature. His range of powers make him almost unstoppable to the point even Spawn had trouble dealing with him.

F*cko – Scary Or Die

Scary or Die

His name may be silly. But he means business. F*cko from Scary or Die is a weirdly aggressive clown. He eats people and will stop at nothing from spreading the cannibalistic disease to others. F*cko shows up at a party where he is irked and bites a person. Soon the bite transfers the flesh eating disease to others as the entire party turns into a bloody festival of horrors. His grisly appearance also makes him one of the scariest Hollywood clown monsters.


Stitches – Stitches


The 2012 horror comedy Stitches had a rather unusual story arc. And it made for a great popcorn flick. Stitches was a party clown who was hired to entertain a bunch of ungrateful kids. When the kids tied him up as a prank and started stabbing him one by one, Stitches bled to his death. The deceased clown comes back from the afterlife to torment and terrorize the now teenage children. His murderous spree leads to the teenagers being killed one by one in the nastiest manner possible. This birthday party reunion is the one for the history books.

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